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    Arrow 5.0.4 is live!

    The Zimbra Team is pleased to announce: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.4!

    To avoid confusion with existing builds, ZCS 5.0.3 has been renamed ZCS 5.0.4
    -If you are already comfortably on 5.0.3 you are all set - there is no pressing need to upgrade though it's always preferred that you do so.
    -However, if you are running 5.0.3 and make use of the nginx proxy, we advise upgrading to 5.0.4 for an additional security & stability fix.

    As always, we strongly encourage you to make a full backup before performing any server maintenance. Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Some key enhancements:
    Bug 9469 - ZCS Mailbox Server Proxy Alpha (REST Sharing/CalDAV/Zimbra Mobile support is under construction)
    Exchange Free-Busy Interop Beta (checkout src/ZimbraServer/docs/freebusy-interop.txt & admin console 'help')
    Bug 19235 - Batched indexing
    Bug 20977 - Upgrade to Lucene-2.3
    Bug 25091 - 5 concurrent IMAP selected folders per user is too low
    Bug 6390 - Support formatted (html) signatures
    Bug 10071 - Allow start/stop dates for out of office notifications
    Bug 24823 - expose zimbraMailPurgeSleepInterval in Admin Console.

    With this release comes a beta 64-bit Ubuntu 6.06 LTS for ZCS 5.0.4 FOSS build!
    -An NE build is in the works, we just want to be certain in some fixed java quirks on 64-bit before we roll out a new platform. Your continued show of interest is valued & you can add your votes/tagged ticket requests to Bug 16666 - 64-bit Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS build

    We've also collapsed the Zimlet panel tree by default (extra loading); don't forget to checkout your zimlets folders in /opt/zimbra for some useful stuff to enable!

    Notable fixes:
    Bug 24120 - convertd failures should not stop mail delivery
    Bug 24505 - IMAP COPY may result in extra db commit causing server to crash
    Bug 24507 - Server hangs when unable to commit db transation
    Bug 24487 - Shared CalDAV calendars not showing entries in Lightning/Sunbird
    Bug 24562 - zmmailboxmove fails with IO error on 5.0.2.
    Bug 24860 - detached windows take a while to load
    Bug 24048 - zmskindeploy: errors when deploying new skin
    Bug 12125 - Tab key doesn't move from field to field in QuickAdd Appointment dialog
    Bug 24012 - "Last logged in" not updating when using external LDAP
    Bug 26220 - Upgrade failure if some people use external IMAP sync

    Additional details can be found at PMweb or see Bugzilla.

    Brand new multi-server installs should note: Bug 26231 - bad default https port 43 if proxy is enabled.
    Still on the 4.5.x line and running an LDAP replica? LDAP Replicas 4.5.x to 5.0.x - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Mac users on multi-server setups coming from 4.5.x should note they will have to manually enable the imap/pop proxy: Bug 26024 - nginx not running on 4.5.11->5.0.3 upgrade & Bug 26026 - Missing cert/key for proxy installing proxy after upgrade

    5.0.4 Network Edition Release Notes can be found in the Support Portal
    -Reminder that cluster documentation is now available & you may also wish to track or vote for Bug 18197 - RHEL5 support for cluster/RHCS

    5.0.4 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.4 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Lots more to come that we'll blog about later, hope you enjoy this release!
    -The Zimbra Team
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