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Thread: 5.0.6 is out!

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    Arrow 5.0.6 is out!

    The Zimbra Team is pleased to announce: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.6!

    As always, we strongly encourage you to make a full backup before preforming any server maintenance. Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Some key enhancements:
    Bug 16601 - Secure Access To LDAP
    Bug 27293 - Provide a way (presumably a config/setting) to limit POP downloads
    Bug 7781 - Save implicit preferences
    Bug 19927 - tool to do consistency checks and repair for missing blob for ID x
    Bug 27380 - Leopard - CalDav only
    Bug 16337 - Would like choice whether highlighting a msg marks it 'Read'
    Bug 22659 - ability to replay redologs from arbitrary point in time
    Bug 5419 - HTML Compose does not have 'Create Link' option
    Bug 27838 - Configurable treatment for inbound over quota mail (zimbraLmtpPermanentFailureWhenOverQuota temporary 452 or permanent 552)
    Bug 21311 - Hide labels when toolbars don't have enough space
    Bug 6410 - departmental calendar grouping (underway: Bug 27211 - Support user creation and moving of nested calendars)

    Additional Builds In This Release-
    New Beta:
    Network Edition - MacOS 10.5 Leopard x86
    *Support assistance will be provided for migration testing purposes - we ask that you not run it on production systems.
    Now GA:
    Network Edition - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS x86_64
    Open Source Edition - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS x86_64
    Open Source Edition - MacOS 10.5 Leopard x86

    Notable fixes:
    Bug 27521 - Redirect to lite client for 800x600 screens
    Bug 27890 - Downgrade to JDK 1.5.0_15
    Bug 26432 - When Searching, first result is always displayed as text and not rich text
    Bug 26465 - Sharing of entire mailbox breaks Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Document and Briefcase of recipient
    Bug 26766 - SLES 10 does not properly restart logger resulting in no statistics
    Bug 27918 - Compose in New window is slower in 5.0.5
    Bug 27574 - Need a script to gather info when server hangs or too busy
    Bug 26976 - Profile created by customized MSI isn't customized
    Bug 26114 - Safari 3.1: attachments not sent
    Bug 27626 - "A has no properties" Error Msg Going To Address Book
    Bug 27788 - odd behavior with shared docs and multinode systems & Bug 27096 - Briefcase - Clustered Install: Cannot Open File In a Shared Briefcase From User On Another Server
    Bug 26833 - Shared Calendar data is not visible
    Bug 25381 - zimbraPrefLocale is not picked up in admin console
    Bug 25224 - Delegatees should not be able to create/view private events on shared calendars fixed & enhancement underway: Bug 27722 - Ability for a Delegated Administrator to be able to create, edit or delete all private appointment (setting so delegate x can see private appts)
    Bug 27610 - Use zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize exclusively for mail, and use zimbraFileUploadMaxSize for docs/briefcase

    Additional details can be found in Bugzilla.

    LDAP Replicas 4.5.x to 5.0.x - Zimbra :: Wiki

    5.0.6 Network Edition Release Notes via Support Portal

    5.0.6 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.6 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Lots more to come that we'll blog about later, hope you enjoy this release!
    -The Zimbra Team
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