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    Zimbra Community,

    Thanks for your ecstatic response to the launch of ZCS 3.0. We appreciate your congrats and kudos. We must thank all the beta testers who made this launch a success. Open Source is more than just the transparency of our code but it's also about the community. Open wiki, open bug database, open dialog, and last but not least an open forum. Zimbra's community is the strongest and fastest growing community in this space. From 0 to nearly 1800 members in less than 5 months. From 0 to over 15k+ downloads per month. From 0 to 8 OS platforms. Your contributions of translations, bug reports, test cases, and feedback are un-matched. Innovation is a key to Zimbra's strategy. It's not about creating an open source version of yesterday's messaging system. It's not about moving from a windows mail system to the rock solid Linux/OSX platform. It's about MOVING FORWARD. It's about Zimlet's, it's about Greg's Admin UI extensions, it's about integrated search, it's about EASY installs, it's about native sync to the clients and devices of your choice, it's about lowering the TCO of operating your messaging system. So thanks for everything so far, but this is just the beginning, may we continue to innovate with you for a better messaging and collaboration experience.

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    KevinH and the rest of the Zimbra Team,

    Thank you! I know some times it must be frustrating when it seems like us members of the community ask the same questions over and over again in the forums, but hopefully in the end it will make the Zimbra documentation and the product itself that much better. Thanks for having so much patience when dealing with us.

    The statistics you mentioned are absolutely mind-blowing and attest to the fact that you have created a truly compelling product and have cultivated a loyal community. You have done some amazing work in the last few months and I'm definitely excited about what the next few months will bring.

    Thanks again and I wish you continued success!

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    I also want to say Thank You.

    First of all to the guys of Zimbra who made a really fantastic product. But not only the Zimbra Collaboration Suite is fascinating me, it is also the support. I don't know any other companies who have such a good contact to their customers and users. Here in the forums you can be shure that you have an answer to any problem within a few yours (special thanks to KevinH and marcmac who are doing a really, really good support).
    Also the community is taken seriously. If there are a few people who want a feature then the Zimbra people think about implementing it.

    On the other hand there is the big community behind Zimbra. Many people are testing and giving support which is essential for a bug-free and good product. For me as translator it is a good feeling to get feedback and to know that there are people who are testing and improving my language files.

    I hope Zimbra will go the same successful in the future.


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