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    Talking Your Very Own Page

    Hi All,
    We wanted to take a second to introduce a new feature of the Community that we hope you will use/enjoy.

    It's called the Community Sandbox. Basically, it's our way of tie-ing the forums into the wiki.

    Every member of the Zimbra Forums has a Wiki page area that they can post anything they want. We all know a lot of you have this massive text file with your most common commands that you use Well, now you have a place to store it that won't go away when you re-install windows (for the 4th time this year).

    Anyway, this comes with a couple caveats: You can post almost anything Zimbra related you want. You can also post about yourself, if you want. However, keep in mind that as a wiki, people can edit your page. Also, it's publicly viewable by anyone.

    If you want, you can opt-out of this. Just pvt a moderator, and we'll protect your page, if you want. You should only pvt a mod to do this, if you intend on keeping it locked.

    You'll notice under the member's name on each post, is there wiki page. Take a look at this page for an example of how it will/does work.

    Well, we hope you take advantage of this new tool!! Have fun

    Mike, John, and all the rest of your fantastic Zimbra Team and Moderators.
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