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    Arrow License & 5.0.7 FOSS!

    Hi all, there are two parts to this announcement.

    Part 1-
    The Zimbra Team is pleased to announce: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.7 Open Source Edition! We will release the Network Edition 5.0.7 in a few days.

    We strongly encourage you to make a full backup before preforming any server maintenance: Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Key enhancements:
    06937 - ACL & support for shared folders via IMAP clients
    27722 - Allow specified delegates to create, edit or delete private appointments
    22913 - Access control for free busy and resources (permission to invite) (ZimbraServer/docs/accesscontrol.txt & preferences > calendar tab)
    07173 - Calendar Scheduling Wizard (new com_zimbra_calscheduler zimlet)
    07482 - audible calendar & new mail notifications
    06737 - Ability to choose calendar on invite accept
    24164 - "chameleon" skin
    16337 - Choice whether highlighting a msg marks it 'Read' (or after x seconds)
    25540 - preauth for admin
    26363 - User with all rights to a share should be able to grant Manager rights (server side 'administer' role ported to share dialog)

    Notable fixes:
    28408 - Invalid request while attempting to access sub folder of shared briefcase
    28671 - Long server cert chains break zmmtaconfig
    26781 - Problem in the disk stats page (missing graphs)
    28663 - ignore reminder set by organizer and instead set one based on attendee's preference
    28633 - tool to apply default reminder to existing appointments
    28358 - UI blank when mail feature is disabled
    27342 - zimbraMtaAuthTarget set to TRUE on all hosts
    27369 - zimbraWebClientLogin and zimbraWebClientLogout conf to override Zimbra's default login/logout
    28083 - Improvements to zmproxyinit (In the process of updating instructions: 29456 - Proxy section of admin guide needs to be updated)

    >>> 5.0.7 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Lots more to come that we'll blog about later, hope you enjoy this feature packed release!


    Part 2 -

    Just wanted to provide a heads up that, in collaboration with legal counsel for the Fedora Community and Red Hat, we have made a minor tweak to the Yahoo! Public License (YPL), Version 1.0.

    The old termination language of section 6.2 YPL 1.0 reads:
    In the event Yahoo! determines that You have breached this Agreement, Yahoo! may terminate this Agreement.

    The new version of 6.2, which has now been enshrined in YPL 1.1, is:
    In the event You violate the terms of this Agreement, Yahoo! may terminate this Agreement.

    That was the sole change between YPL 1.0 and YPL 1.1.

    Our colleagues in the Fedora community were concerned that the old version of 6.2 did not give licensees enough certainty that they could keep exercising their license, even if they followed its requirements. We thought this change was a reasonable request, and we were very pleased that we were able to respond to the Fedora community in the way they asked. We want to make the benefit of this change available to everyone in the Zimbra community, to minimize any confusion about whether it's better touse the version provided by Zimbra directly or via the Fedora distribution. So, all Zimbra community members that have already downloaded Open Source Edition of ZCS under YPL 1.0 are free to choose to use the Open Source Edition under YPL 1.1 instead of YPL 1.0. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Future downloads of ZCS version 5.0.7 and beyond will be under the terms of YPL 1.1. Many thanks to our Fedora friends for their input. We welcome your feedback as well!

    -The Zimbra Team
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