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    Arrow 5.0.9 Available!

    We are pleased to announce: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 5.0.9

    Key Enhancements:
    29547 - Show the IM buddy list in the overview In folder tree (collapsed) instead of floating list.
    28717 - 'Edit as New' Right-click Context Menu on Messages 'message templates'
    19509 - ability to remove attachments from notebook documents 'Browse' button/menu option (sub-folder behavior 30747)
    29978 - remove zimbraPublicServiceHostname dependency on zimbraServer objects REST URL composed via zimbraPublicService[Protocol + Hostname + Port]
    29749 - iPhone 2.0 should be able to sync multiple calendars
    29401 - version string on banners zimbra[Lmtp, Pop3, Imap]ExposeVersionOnBanner default off for security. For all connects set TRUE, if FALSE you can still issue the standard A001 ID NIL command after telnet as desired.
    29395 - Postfix needs to use proxymaps Dedicated process (proxymap) that handles LDAP lookups instead of Postfix subprocesses.

    Additional Builds:
    Open Source Edition - Ubuntu 8.04 LTS x86 & x86_64
    Network Edition Beta- Ubuntu 8.04 LTS x86 & x86_64
    *Support assistance will be provided for migration & testing purposes - we ask that you not run it on critical production systems during the Beta.

    Notable Fixes:
    29379 - printing from Firefox 3 issues
    30609 - max process limits too low on OSX (Limits are 2048 for 10.5 & 10.4 - 1000 for 10.4 Server unless you wish to edit /etc/rc.server higher)
    26213 - Organizer does not recieve appointment reply for instances
    29328 - Folders mounted from different boxes are not setting effective permissions correctly.
    29330 - Zimlets don't work when enabled for the account but disabled in COS
    30601 - Importing large messages via IMAP causes jetty/work to grow without limit until a restart

    Proxy Updates:
    30126 - Nginx: add more to capability list (+ AUTH=PLAIN, IDLE, & NAMESPACE)
    29138 - mailbox does not load with zimbraPublicServiceHostname and reverse proxy enabled
    29458 - Enabling http proxy creates sharing issue
    29204 - WRONG_HOST error while viewing a public shared doc using http proxy
    29479 - Remove hostname argument from zmproxyinit (run this command on the actual store)

    Best practice is to make a backup before preforming any server maintenance: Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    5.0.9 Network Edition Release Notes

    5.0.9 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.9 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Enjoy this release, and have a Happy Zimbra Day!
    -The Zimbra Team
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