Hi all,
I've seen quite a few threads about trouble accessing the source code, and some suggestions on how to fix it.

I wanted to take a second to personally post a note about what's going on and what we're doing.

As many of you know, last year, we were acquired by Yahoo! As a result, we now have access to more powerful machines and a "bigger pipe" for downloads, etc.

Over the past few months, we've been moving our sites, download locations, etc to newer faster machines. Of course, we've hit issues during the migration.

The latest issue has been our source access.

We had a double failure of our Raid Arrays. As any tech suport person will tell you, that's pretty unusual. This took depot.zimbra.com offline. Depot is what our engineers use for Perforce access.

Several years ago, we chose perforce as our source management. There has been discussion about moving to CVS and SVN, but we like perforce. This caused an issue about a year ago with allowing users to access our source code.

So, we opted to set up a perforce cache (at substantial cost to us) so that our community could freely, and anonymously access Zimbra's source code. The depot and codes.zimbra are synced every 30 minutes providing you with seriously up to date code.

Some of you noticed that change numbers aren't synced. So to get around that, we now branch every release and freeze it. So if you want 5.0.8, you check out Franklin_508, and so on.

We tried tar balls (one of the suggestions), and to be quite honest, it is a real pain. A serious pain on our part. There's dependency and tree structure issues, and that really isn't repository access. It's a file. If we have a file, do we include eng docs, and deprecated dirs, etc. The list of possible issues goes on and on and on. Then there are export restrictions. Another issue is how up to date the tar file is. Some people want cutting edge. Others don't really care. If we do a tar file, we don't have the chance to build one every night. The list continues.

So...when depot went down, codes went down too. So, none of us had access until we had to restore the machine(which took all day).

"Hey Zimbra, what are you going to do to make sure it stays open?"


1) We're keeping Perforce. As many long time Zimbra folks will tell you, this was a big deal for us to get it working. We're not going to abandon it. We're going to fix the problems. We're not quitters.

2) We just can't do tar balls. It's too much work, and distracts us from making cool software. Now, if you want to do a tar ball, and put it up somewhere, by all means, please do.

3) We have another cool solution (in addition to p4) up our sleeve. We promise that you'll like it. It is just taking time to write.

So, in short, we feel your pain. We're working on the issues you're having with our source. With the bumps, isn't it awesome to say that we really are open source?

Get the source. Play with it. Build it. That's why we do it. For you, the community.