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    Default Zimbra ALE and a new preview demo

    Today we announced ALE - AJAX Linking and Embedding which enables rich text editing of documents on the web. The first example of this will appear in our 'Notes' application and can be seen on our new Hosted Preview Demo. Like the Hosted Demo the new Preview Demo provides a quick and easy way to see some of Zimbra's functionality. In this case preview provides a bleeding edge view into our development. The features on preview are still in development but we've now provided a way for the community to see what we are working on next. This is pre-beta code so there will be bugs and it may not work perfectly across all browsers. Firefox 1.5+ is recommended for the best experience.

    Your feedback on the new functionality as always is appreciated.

    FYI Here's some more detail on getting to the Notes app.

    * Log into the preview by following the link Hosted Preview Demo.
    * Click on the notebook icon (The bottom icon on the far left of the app window)
    * You will get to a table of contents page
    * Click on the "new" button in the app toolbar (the far left button. It has a page icon with a green plus sign on itO
    * You should now be in an editable document where you can type/insert away
    * The spreadsheet may be inserted via the insert object drop down
    * Click save to save the page.
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