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Thread: Update: ZCS 5.0.11 Released!

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    Arrow Update: ZCS 5.0.11 Released!

    Update: See Note at the end for Information on Mac OS X NE GA information.

    We are pleased to announce: Version 5.0.11 of the the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

    Key Enhancements:
    31430 - admin console support for bulk provisioning .csv upload via com_zimbra_bulkprovision extension
    09532 - IMAP/Outlook move to junk should train anti-spam
    23903 - add logo url to admin console zimbraSkinColors & zimbraSkinLogos via admin console
    31992 - Break up recurring appointments that don't have a simple rule
    31697 - extend zmcalchk to notify about out of sync -n none|user|organizer|attendee|all for email notifications
    30574 - Allow zimbraPrefTimeZone to be set at a domain level as well.

    Notable Fixes:
    31964 - Javascript error when reading HTML mail
    23399 - Allow timezone definition updates timezone.ics & zmtzupdate - see wiki
    20555 - zmfixperms is not setting dspam ownerships properly + new localconfig attribute amavis_dspam_enabled
    33218 - mobilesync missing meetings without attendees
    31591 - accounts.xml file improperly updated when a full backup is deleted reflects last successful full backup
    32475 - ZWC Calendar is showing November 2nd twice

    (Further details on PMweb.)

    Take a backup before upgrading: Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    5.0.11 Network Edition Release Notes

    5.0.11 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.11 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Subscribe to the blog for the latest - enjoy this release!
    -The Zimbra Team
    Unfortunately, in the email announcement that went out announcing 5.0.11 availability, it mentioned that Zimbra NE for Mac Leopard was GA in this version. This is why on our download page, it is still listed as Beta.

    We sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused, and hope to have the mac release GA in 5.0.12.
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