View Poll Results: What (currently unavailable) feature would you like to see soonest?

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  • Chat/IM (not GroupWare)

    23 20.18%
  • Toaster (systray popup for windows)

    24 21.05%
  • Document Workflow

    23 20.18%
  • Lightening/Sunbird connectors

    26 22.81%
  • Firefox/IE plugin (handle mailto calls)

    23 20.18%
  • Shared Folders/GroupWare

    75 65.79%
  • Read Receipts/Importance Indicator

    20 17.54%
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Thread: What (currently unavailable) feature would you like to see soonest?

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    Default What (currently unavailable) feature would you like to see soonest?

    The Zimbra community is growing at an astonishing rate. This is thanks to the many contributors and forum posters.

    As a community, we have the chance to work together to help Zimbra Open Source grow and morph into the type of e-mail server/service that we want. . .not simply what some company wants.

    So the question is, "What (currently unavailable) feature would you like to see soonest?"

    We have several people working in the development forum who have some great ideas.

    If the idea isn't posted, feel free to post it here, and I'll or a forum mod, will edit the poll.

    Thanks, and enjoy!
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