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Thread: Zimbra Ending Support for FC3

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    Default Zimbra Ending Support for FC3

    Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 3.1 will be the last official release for Red Hat's Fedora Core 3 linux.

    Other products still supported:
    • Binary Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

    • Binary Fedora Core 4

    • Binary Mac OSX

    • Binary SUSE 10

    • Binary SUSE 9

    • Debian (Beta)

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    Default upgrading now ...

    Seeing this note, I just upgraded my FC3 / ZCS-3.1.0-GA-328 to FC4. Zimbra won't start now ...

    Is the appropriate next step to simply download and install ZCS-3.1.0-GA-328 for FC4 and follow the regular upgrade process?

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    Yes. You'll need the FC4 binaries to run on FC4.
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    Default Back up, thanks.

    FYI - Just ran the upgrade for FC4, and it failed on attempting to stop the zimbra server. I think this might have been because I rebooted after making the FC3->FC4 upgrade, and the zimbra server was unable to start all components. I re-ran the upgrade a second time, allowing zimbra to shut itself down, and it worked flawlessly.

    Thanks again, Kevin and team, for the fantastic efforts here. You guys are changing the traditional software business model from the bottom-up.

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