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Thread: 5.0.14 Released!

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    Arrow 5.0.14 Released!

    We are pleased to announce: Version 5.0.14 of the the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

    Key Enhancements:
    35259 - Partial auto accept for calendar resources when a only a few conflicts found zimbraCalResMaxNumConflictsAllowed & zimbraCalResMaxPercentConflictsAllowed
    26281 – Check Logger DB integrity and Connection Prior to Installing (also added -l option) & 34537 possible to disable weekly with zmdbintegrityreport_disabled=TRUE
    34923 - allow TGZ Formatter to import / export eml, vcf, ics files

    Notable Fixes:
    35002 – upgrade script should kill all zmlogger processes after zmloggerctl stop
    35492 - redolog replay of moves to/from spam should not trigger notification
    20566 - Zimbra Mobile should hide IMAP \Deleted messages
    34690 - iSync connector crash/flooding - downloading all contacts at once (& respect zimbraContactMaxNumEntries)
    35761 - defang /defang IM status messages
    34522 - CTRL + S shortcut now save draft, send is ctrl+enter
    34704 - Reduce zmailbox message cache to 1 zmailbox_message_cachesize

    (Further details on PMweb.)

    Make a backup before upgrading: Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    5.0.14 Network Edition Release Notes

    5.0.14 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.14 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Subscribe to the blog for the latest - enjoy this release!
    -The Zimbra Team


    ZCO Bug 36038 - crash on start-up due to missing reg key

    Immediate workaround is to create the “turnOffInboxFailures” value in the registry under HKCU\Software\Zimbra or HKLM\Software\Zimbra.

    Probably will only require a new ZCO build, but want to avoid people trying the .14 one from their downloads folder on accident - so may release a .15 for at-a-glance version simplicity sake. Of course we will also put it in the support portal for those who understandably don't want to do another update.
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