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Thread: 5.0.15NE/.14FOSS Available

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    Arrow 5.0.15NE/.14FOSS Available

    In order to address ZCO Bug 36038 - crash on start-up due to missing reg key we are releasing 5.0.15 NE.

    There are no changes to server code in NE or FOSS; calling it 5.0.15 helps with at-a-glance version identification instead of remembering a build string.
    We simply want to prevent users from trying the broken 5.0.14 ZCO in their downloads folder on accident.

    If you're already installed the the 5.0.14 ZCO immediate workaround is to create the 'turnOffInboxFailures' DWORD key with a value of 0 or 1 in the registry under HKCU\Software\Zimbra or HKLM\Software\Zimbra.

    NE customers already at 5.0.14 not wishing to update to 5.0.15 can grab the new ZCO from the support portal.
    Additionally it is suggested that you copy it into /opt/zimbra/mailboxd/webapps/zimbra/downloads & adjust the index.html file appropriately.

    We'd also like to take this opportunity to highlight Outlook 07's hotfix & upcoming SP2: Outlook 2007 improvements in the February 2009 cumulative update - Zimbra :: Wiki

    ---RELEASE INFO---

    We are pleased to announce: Version 5.0.14/.15 of the the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

    Key Enhancements:
    35259 - Partial auto accept for calendar resources when a only a few conflicts found zimbraCalResMaxNumConflictsAllowed & zimbraCalResMaxPercentConflictsAllowed
    26281 – Check Logger DB integrity and Connection Prior to Installing (also added -l option) & 34537 possible to disable weekly with zmdbintegrityreport_disabled=TRUE
    34923 - allow TGZ Formatter to import / export eml, vcf, ics files
    22577 - Add caching for appointment summary

    Notable Fixes:
    35002 – upgrade script should kill all zmlogger processes after zmloggerctl stop
    35492 - redolog replay of moves to/from spam should not trigger notification
    20566 - Zimbra Mobile should hide IMAP \Deleted messages
    34690 - iSync connector crash/flooding - downloading all contacts at once (& respect zimbraContactMaxNumEntries)
    35761 - defang /defang IM status messages
    34522 - CTRL + S shortcut now save draft, send is ctrl+enter
    34704 - Reduce zmailbox message cache to 1 zmailbox_message_cachesize

    (Further details on PMweb.)

    Make a backup before upgrading: Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki

    5.0.15 Network Edition Release Notes

    5.0.15 Network Edition Downloads

    5.0.14 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Be sure to subscribe to the blog for the latest - enjoy this release!
    -The Zimbra Team
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