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    Default ZCS 3.1.1 Released

    ZCS 3.1.1 is now available. The list of major fixes are listed below. For additional detail see the release notes in the documentation section of the site. Network customers and trial participants can get the latest release directly from the support portal.

    • 7436 - Outlook Connector will shutdown cleanly now.
    • 7383 - Mac only - The configured mail mode does not change when the server is rebooted.
    • 7439 - Newly added volume is saved correctly.
    • 7294 - If the COS for an account has been deleted or the mail host server pool has been changed and you restore that account, the account inherits the default COS from the domain.
    • 7222 - The Zimbra installer; the ownership of the Mac root volume and permissions are not changed during install.
    • 7339 - IMAP/POP Proxy Server can now be enabled during Zimbra install and the default ports are automatically set. See the IMAP/POP Proxy Server section in the release note.
    • 6454 - Appointment times in UTC format; correct time is saved.
    • 6618 - Zimbra Web Client: hostname redirect is off by default but available via zmlocalconfig.
    • 7200 - ZCS Multinode installation LDAP search error has been fixed.
    • 7203 - Mail queue filters can include more than two criteria to select messages.
    • 7254 - The backup process will generate valid backups even if errors occur during the backup.

    Debian is now moved to a stable release. Based on community feedback it seems to work well; please report any bugs via bugzilla.
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