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    We're pleased to announce the open source, Beta release of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, which is available via hosted demo as well as full download, at We're also launching the Community area of our website with documentation, whitepapers, forums, blogs, and more.

    The Zimbra Collaboration Suite Beta includes enterprise-grade email, contacts & group calendaring, accessible via our rich AJAX browser-based client, as well as via IMAP, POP, & iCalendar desktop & mobile clients. The Zimbra hosted demo will give you a sense for how the Zimbra Community is working to make email better. We hope you'll also be impressed with the Zimbra server's scalability, security, storage management and extensibility (via Web Services) -- benefits that accrue in part from our reliance on excellent open source technologies such as Linux, MySQL, Apache, Postfix, and others.

    The Zimbra Beta server runs on Fedora Core 3 and Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (other ports coming soon), while the Zimbra client runs on Windows, Mac & Linux, and in Firefox & IE browsers. In the coming weeks, we'll provide you with more information on the launch of the Zimbra Network, which includes product support and other services. In the meantime, we invite your feedback and questions, and hope you'll consider participating in the new Zimbra Community.

    -Zimbra Team
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