Major issues fixed for the 3.1.2 release
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• 6650 - Can now delete a domain when a sub-domain exists.
• 6651 - IMAP connection is no longer lost when moving large number of messages.
• 6974 - Messages correctly display in the preview pane and reading pane.
• 7072 - The disk statistics tab now shows all devices on the server.
• 7357 - When logger is installed on one server in a ZCS environment, server statistics now display on the administration console of any server in the environment.
• 7455 - Install checks the MX record to make sure an A record exists. If an A record is not found, install gives the option to enter the logical hostname.
• 7523 - Newsletter type messages now display correctly in Firefox.
• 7563 - Some messages that were not indexed correctly now will be.
• 7623 - ZCS Connector for Outlook. Meetings invitations no longer randomly disappear from the attendee’s Outlook calendar.
• 7677 - Corrupt time zone definitions in an appointment no longer cause the Zimbra Connector for Outlook to fail. If the time zone definition is corrupt, the appointment is not added to the calendar.
• 7710 - Zimbra Connector for Outlook now supports running on upgraded versions of Outlook.
• 7714 - Zimbra Connector for Outlook now handles synchronization of large attachments (1M or larger) correctly.
• 7720 - Server can now handle an appointment that does not have a specified organizer.
• 7727 - Passwords can now include the symbol &.
• 7796 - Fixed backup and restore issue of using too much memory.
The following bugs were also fixed for 3.1.2: 5384, 6951, 7624, and 7708.

ZCS Import Wizard and ZCS Migration Wizard issues fixed:
• 3476 - Before a message is imported, the size of the message with attachments is checked. If the message is too large to import an error message is displayed.
• 7340 - If a message fails to be imported, the import session continues to the next message. An error message is written to the log.
• 7537 - Migrating AppleDouble format is now supported.
• 7565 - When a .pst file is imported, if any addresses are required from Active Directory, users will be prompted to log on to their Active Directory Server before continuing.
• 7625 - An error message is displayed if message or attachments are too large to import or migrate to Zimbra.
• 7626 - The .pst files that use a date format different from the standard English date format now can be imported.
• 7685 - When importing a .pst file that is larger than the quota for the account, a warning is displayed asking if the import should continue.

Release notes include some more information.