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Thread: ZCS 6.0.1 Released

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    Arrow ZCS 6.0.1 Released

    The Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 6.0.1 is now available.

    Notable Fixes:
    40759 - Mailbox not accessible if folder is shared to a group with alises or a user with multiple zimbraMailDeliveryAddress
    40737- Zmrestoreldap cannot create directory
    40454 - Improved handling of data source errors
    40896- Send/receive does not sync data of mounted folders
    Entire change-list for this quick maintenance oriented release: PMweb 6.0.1

    Before upgrading, kick-off a backup while you read the release notes.

    6.0.1 Network Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    6.0.1 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Thanks to the early-adopters for identifying and prioritizing these issues, thereby providing a smoother upgrade for their fellow admins still on v5.

    To find out what's new in 6.0:
    » Beta 1 Blog
    » Beta 2 Announcement
    » RC 1 & GA Feature List PDF
    » Product Tracking Portal
    » Sample account

    Subscribe to the blog for news on the latest innovations, and enjoy this release!
    -The Zimbra Team

    -Posix & Samba extension users should understand this doc.
    -Disclaimer extension is not yet compatible.
    -Large setups may be interested in optimizing the LDAP upgrade step.
    -1M+ sites bug 40648 (adjust ldap_read_timeout before upgrading / fixed for 6.0.2)
    -New installs go 64-bit, it'll be supported longer.

    UPDATE: It's not possible to go from 5.0.19 to 6.0.1, since it was released prior the installer won't know that 5.0.19 exists (will have to use upcoming 6.0.2, those on 5.0.18 should be ok): Bug 42609 - Upgrade from 5.0.19 to 6.0.0 or 6.0.1 fails - slapadd import failed
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