ZCS 3.1.3 has been released:

Major issues fixed for the 3.1.3 release
To review the details about a bug that was fixed, go the Zimbra Bug and
Enhancement Tracking page at http://bugzilla.zimbra.com.

Major issues fixed for the 3.1.3 release

• 5964 - Issues that caused folders to randomly disappear have been resolved.

• 6154 - Short-duration appointments are now readable in the calendar views.

• 7406 - LDAP replication now works correctly. LDAP Replica is GA for 3.1.3.

• 7459 - Calendar invites now correctly display
Accept/Tentative/Decline in


• 7846 - Addresses in a calendar invite now are always recognized as an address,

not as a name.

• 7959 - After a ZCS install, MTA start correctly.

• 7967 - IMAP/POP proxy now can be configured for SSL and clear text.

• 7971 - Messages saved as drafts are saved correctly in the Drafts folder.

• 7985: Repeated GAL searching now works.

• 8000: When ZCS is installed and IMAP/POP Proxy is configured, the IMAP/POP

proxy server points to its own certificates.

• 8006: IMAP/POP Proxy server now offers TLS on IMAP/POP ports.

• 8020: Replies now correctly include "In-Reply-To" header.