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Thread: Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta1

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    Default Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta1

    The Zimbra Desktop team is proud to announce that 2.0 is now available to public beta testers.

    There are many radical changes from 1.0. At the high level, here are some of the biggest changes.

    UI changes:

    1) Multi-account UI - Good bye accordion and hello Open Tree. You'll find not only that Open Tree allows you to see all your folders in one view, but it also allows easy move/copy across accounts.

    2) Virtual Mailbox - When you have more than one mailboxes setup, the new "All Mailboxes" that sits on the top of the mail folder tree will allow you to see all your emails in single streams. You can view all of your Inboxes in one stream if you happen to like to see both work and personal email in one view. (Note this feature can be turned off in Preferences.)

    3) Calendar at-a-glance - Now finally you can see your meetings and appointments from different sources in a single view. You can even move a Gmail appointment, for example, to your ZCS account.

    4) Cross-account address book - Now you can pick or auto-complete contacts from different account's address books.

    5) Cross-account forward/reply - Ever want to forward a funny joke in your work email to a friend, but want to use your personal address? Now you can. Just hit forward, and pick a different account in the composer's From drop-down, and the email will be sent using the personal account. (I'm sure some users will want us to disable this feature :)

    6) Now you can have the message preview pane on the right, same as ZCS 6.0 UI. This orientation suits wide screen computers much better.

    7) Message list view no longer requires prev/next pagination.


    8) Installers - ZD 2.0 has a completely revamped installation method. On Windows it's now an msi, on Mac it's a standard mac package installer, and on Linux it's just a tgz. Not only these native installers have the native look, they are also much, much faster than what we had in 1.0, at least 10 times faster!

    9) Install location - Now the install location is all standard. On Winodws under Program Files, and on Mac under /Applications. Data files are generated on the fly on first run under personal folders according to the convention of specific platforms.

    10) Multi-user system - Now people can run multiple ZDs on the same multi-user computer! Each of them will share the same program files, but will have their own data files. The ZD instances are isolated from one another to protect privacy.

    DB, Memory, and Performance

    11) ZD 2.0 is now on SQLite. Derby played its role for ZD 1.0, but we hit some pretty bad limitations of derby that we couldn't overcome. SQLite is a much better alternative, and ZD now feels much faster.

    12) Memory consumption is always a challenge due the the unique architecture of ZD, but I'm happy to report that ZD has lost a lot of weight.

    Current 1.0 users must uninstall 1.0 first before installing 2.0. There is no data migration from 1.0 to 2.0, so you'll have to redownload all data from servers.

    Please take a look at the release notes and FAQ:

    Zimbra Desktop 2 - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Zimbra Desktop 2 FAQ - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Download links:

    Please post questions to Zimbra Desktop Forums: Zimbra Desktop - Zimbra - Forums

    To file bugs please use Zimbra Bugzilla:

    Thank you for helping us improve Zimbra Desktop! We hope you find ZD 2.0 a step forward, and we'd like to hear your opinions on how to further improve the product.

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    In the original post we mentioned you can keep both 1.0 and 2.0 on the same box and run in parallel. This works OK on Mac but causes a conflict on Windows. So please uninstall 1.0 first before installing 2.0.

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