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Thread: Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta2!

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    We're proud to announce that the second beta release of Zimbra Desktop 2.0 is now available.

    Notable Enhancements and Improvements:
    • Added network proxy support. Zimbra Desktop now can use system proxy settings when running behind firewall.
    • Added full support for Hotmail POP accounts (UIDL support).
    • Fixed the problem of deleted IMAP messages re-appearing as new in Inbox.
    • Fixed broken mailto handling. User can once again use Zimbra Desktop as default mail application.
    • Fixed missing permissions info on shared resources.
    • Fixed a few cases of excessive memory usage in calendar sync.
    • Fixed broken spell checker and spelling suggestion in HTML composer.
    • Fixed the problem of missing Sent/Draft folders for POP accounts.
    • Fixed broken exporting function.
    • Added "Offline Button". User can use it to force Zimbra Desktop go into offline mode (disconnected from network).
    Full list of changes: Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta 2 Release Notes - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Lots of other useful information at Zimbra Desktop 2 - Zimbra :: Wiki & Zimbra Desktop 2 FAQ - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Please post questions to the Zimbra Desktop forums section. To file reproducible issues please use Bugzilla.

    Note: There is no automatic data migration from ZD 1.0 to 2.0, so you'll have to re-download all data from servers or use export > import for local items. You don't have to uninstall 1.0 before installing 2.0. But it's not recommended to have them both running at the same time.
    (If already on the first 2.0 Beta1, upgrading to this release data is retained. There's just a lot of architecture changes between major versions 1.0 and 2.0; derby to sqlite, we also now use common OS defaults for separation of program and data storage, etc - and we haven't yet built in a migration tool for auto tar exports/imports across the major editions.)

    Download links:
    zdesktop_2_0_beta2_b10414_win32.msi (md5)

    zdesktop_2_0_beta2_b10414_macos_intel.dmg (md5)

    zdesktop_2_0_beta2_b10414_linux_i686.tgz (md5)

    As always, we really appreciate your loyal support. With your help, our team will continue to make Zimbra Desktop the best mail app around!
    -Jason He & The Zimbra Desktop Team
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