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    Default ZCS Patch:

    Per your feedback, to address the following ZCS bugs we have released both a patch and a new binary.

    44353 - iPhone deletes a recurring meeting from the attendee's calendar when the organizer cancels an instance
    45852 - Unable to open some attached messages com_zimbra_email bug
    45886 - Address autocomplete does not return full results
    46476 - For autocomplete, contacts should be ranked higher than GAL entries
    45545 - NPE when autocomplete results includes a contact in a contact group
    45677 - Concurrent read of a large number of messages continuously from third party clients may lead to high CPU utilization

    If already on ZCS 6.0.6, you can apply the quick & easy patch ZCS 6.0.6P1:

    If using 6.0.5 or prior a new build 2330 binary and release notes are available:


    Zimbra does not need to be stopped when while you install the patch, just restarted after. For those who have the web-client open during the restart, a notice 'please refresh your browser' may state that you have also changed platforms; this is only because the jar isn't os-specific, and was just built on an RHEL machine. Your zmcontrol -v output should report the proper platform with the same build number as before.

    Known issue/this did not make the cut for the new binary: Those using LDAPS upgrading to the full should note 46264 - ClassNotFoundException in LDAP code when trying to find EasySSLSocketFactory (workaround is to adjust ldap_url/ssl_allow_untrusted_certs before upgrade then back after).

    ZCS 6.0.7 is still on schedule, see for details.
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