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Thread: ZCS 4.0 RC1 to launch this week

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    Default ZCS 4.0 RC1 to launch this week

    For those of you in the know, we've been getting 3.2 ready for sometime with various beta releases. Due to the amount of new functionality we've decided to name it 4.0. RC1 will be out this week and we plan to release the final GA bits later this month. You may see some announcements and press regarding 4.0. The quickest way to be alerted to this(and future) releases is to subscribe to the Freshmeat announcements (see the link in my sig). For those of you in or around SF this week feel free to drop by our booth at Linux World.

    Please take 4.0 for a spin and give us your feedback. The more feedback we get both positive and negative the quicker we can fix the showstopper bugs and get this out the door.

    EDIT - Initially I had said "GA" this week rather than RC1. Sorry for any confusion.
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