About Salesforce Chatter:
Salesforce Chatter is a hybrid Facebook + Twitter application that is mainly designed for enterprise users to be used at work place. The coolest and revolutionary part is that, you not only follow
people, but you can follow Accounts, Support Cases, Leads, Opportunities. etc objects as well! Further you can share and collaborate on PPTs, Docs etc files that Sales and Support teams frequently deal with.

Think about it, now.. Sales-team can quickly follow some crucial-Accounts. Support-team can follow, critical support-cases. well, take a look at some really cool use-case demo by Salesforce:

Check out these really informative and awesome demos of the power of Chatter by Salesforce:

Usecase for Support people:
YouTube - Salesforce.com: Service Cloud with Chatter Demo [3 min]

Usecase for Sales people:
YouTube - Kraig Swensrud Demos Salesforce Chatter [12 min]

Please Vote for the Zimlet here:

I've submitted our upcoming Salesforce + Chatter Zimlet to Salesforce's developer challenge. The challenge has two steps, first we have to get shortlisted (based on community vote) and then the judges decide among the top-5 or so submissions.

1. See the "Salesforce + Chatter"- Zimlet YouTube video here:
YouTube - [HD] Salesforce & Chatter Zimlet Demo

2. If you like what we are up to, please go hear to vote and help Zimlet get shortlisted:
http://bit.ly/cSuGk0 & click on Promote button (- you can also add a one line comment)

PS: If you don't have Salesforce account, please go here and create one..
Force.com Developer Edition Sign-Up

Thank you,
Raja Rao