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Thread: Zimbra Support is Hiring!

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    Default Zimbra Support is Hiring!

    Folks, Zimbra is growing like mad, which is a good problem to have. Nevertheless, it's still a problem!

    We're hiring into the support department to help us manage our growing customer list, and we're looking for smart, dedicated people with thorough knowledge of email, email routing, and, of course, Zimbra.

    We're not looking for phone-drones - we want all of our support reps to be able to solve problems, think on their feet, and help our customers succeed.

    The obligatory list of knowledge:
    - postfix
    - Linux
    - MySql
    - LDAP
    - SMTP
    - DNS
    - Antivirus, antispam, etc.
    - Scripting, Perl, Java, Javascript are all pluses, but this isn't a dev position.

    We're located in beautiful San Mateo, California, and we're looking for local people (we're maxed out on the remote positions).

    If you're interested in getting paid to support Zimbra, and want to be part of the coolest email company around (recently certified as such at LinuxWorld!), send your resume to (you'll also probably PM me, though I'm not good at reading those).
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