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Thread: ZCS 6.0.7 Patch

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    Default ZCS 6.0.7 Patch

    Per your feedback, to address the following before the ZCS 6.0.8 cycle we have released a patch to version 6.0.7:

    Bug 48296 - Not able to send message with persona from field of external account selected
    Bug 48210 - sender name of external account is wrong - zimbraDataSourceName vs zimbraPrefFromDisplay (partial fix till 6.0.8)
    Bug 46552 - NumberFormatException when trying to print a virtual/shared conversation
    Bug 48146 - Select Addresses dialog no longer pre-populates list from Contacts

    Download: zcs-patch-6.0.7_GA_2476.tgz

    Directions: zcs-patch-6.0.7_GA_2476.pdf

    Follow Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Then as root on all servers where the zimbra-store package is installed:
    tar -xzvf  zcs-patch-6.0.7_GA_2476.tgz
    cd zcs-patch-6.0.7_GA_2476
    zmcontrol restart
    -At this time there is no planned full/400mb installer release of build 2476.
    -File is 50mb, and you might notice it actually contains 25mb of 6.0.6 patch content as well, but this source has no technical effect. By design doesn't install old code on newer versions; we simply didn't prune zmpatch.xml this time.


    This was previously released but warrants another mention:

    If you need the following fixes to 6.0.7_GA_2470 you will have to use the full installer 6.0.7_GA_2473 available on the download pages.
    Bug 48129 - 6.0.7 upgrade failure, Could not bind to port=143
    Bug 48095 - Can still query GAL when zimbraFeatureGalEnabled & zimbraFeatureGalAutoCompleteEnabled are disabled

    (Order is not important; though if you skip build 2473 and later decide you need the GAL fix, remember to put the 2476 patch on again since the full installer overwrites it.)
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    When will ZCS 6.0.8 be released?

    It was already postponed twice and last announce for Monday - today is Wednesday!

    We are waiting for the character conversion bugfix in the Briefcase and others ...
    Reinhard             ( . . )

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    Quote Originally Posted by reinhard View Post
    When will ZCS 6.0.8 be released?

    It was already postponed twice and last announce for Monday - today is Wednesday!
    The last date in the Product Portal was for a Targeted release of 23/8/10, that is a target not fixed date. It when be released when the final bugs have been fixed and the QA team determine that it's ready.

    The official announcement of it's release will be in these forums.


    Acompli: A new adventure for Co-Founder KevinH.

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