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Thread: ZCS 6.0.8 Released

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    Arrow ZCS 6.0.8 Released

    We are excited to announce that the Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 6.0.8 is now available.

    6.0.8 Key Enhancements:
    34772 - Personas for calendar From: field
    37461 - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS beta
    47030 - Delegated rights for stats/cross mailbox search/certificates
    48771 - ZCO propose new time functionality
    44352 - zimbraPrefSpellIgnoreWord
    45189 - Shared folder search in standard HTML client
    46883 - Contact ranking table restored, includes a 'forget' link in autocomplete

    6.0.8 Notable Fixes:
    41683 - Don't deploy self-signed cert over commercial if CA expired but commercial still valid
    20620 - Mail deleted in IMAP but not yet purged is no longer included in ZWC item counts.
    24463 - Better memcache purge after mbox move
    41900 - Negative domain cache skipped when provisioning
    34564 - Shared documents & cal view issues 39380 & 48819
    45849 - Public cal display correct day
    42181 - Attachments marked TNEF
    46626 - domain admin can once again modify account aliases by default
    44191 - Reindex when upgrading from 5.x
    47400 - Accepted/declined invites from ZWC sync to iPhone properly
    47599 - zmldappasswd -c -l for replicas
    47890 - Changes for ZCO & standard client (and other api requests) regarding emailed contacts folder additions.

    6.0.8 Known Issues:
    49624 - After viewing an invite, if a mbox cache/restart happens between your eventual accept; appointment notes are not saved if accept is done from within email itself (no issue if accepted from calendar app - though other repo cases may exist).

    Further details on the PM roadmap and in Bugzilla.
    As always, kick-off a backup while you read the release notes.

    6.0.8 Network Edition: Release Notes & Downloads |
    6.0.8 Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads

    Subscribe to the Zimbra :: Blog for the latest news - hope everyone enjoys this release!
    -The Zimbra Team

    -Posix & Samba extension users should understand this doc.
    -Disclaimer extension not compatible (new bundled altermime for global signatures).
    -Mac Java updates to 1.5.0_19+ not recommended (43457, 43197, & 40674).
    -Upgrade paths: 4.5.0 - 4.5.6 > 4.5.11 > (LDAP replica step) > 5.0.2 - 5.0.24 > (large setups may optimize the LDAP upgrade) 6.0.0 - 6.0.8

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    Default 37461 - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS beta?

    Congrats to this new release!

    One question regarding Ubuntu 10.04 LTS:
    when will Ubuntu 10.04 LTS be fully supported?

    Thank you!

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    Ideally we'd like to get it out of beta in the 6.0 GNR series (so people feel more comfortable doing version and platform upgrades on it before 7.0 Helix arrives.) On the other hand it could possibly be just 'release candidate' next round. This is dependent on available resources for thorough vetting - we'll know more as 6.0.9 approaches.

    Right now QA isn't checking Ubuntu10_64 builds, hence the beta label (when this happens you'll see the bug go 'verified'). To this point the community has only found a few minor issues (like requiring extra libltdl dependencies that we really didn't need, logrotation, misc perl, etc).

    For those interested in testing:

    The more people downloading and providing feedback, both after successful installs (which we love to hear about!) along with notifying us if they should discover any possible platform specific bugs, so we can get them fixed promptly - the faster it will go GA.

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