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Thread: ZCS 6.0.8 Patch 2

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    Default ZCS 6.0.8 Patch 2

    To address the following before the ZCS 7.0 and 6.0.9 cycles we are releasing a 2nd patch for version 6.0.8 GA.

    6.0.8 P2 Directions: zcs-patch-6.0.8_GA_2678.pdf
    6.0.8 P2 Download: zcs-patch-6.0.8_GA_2678.tgz (md5)

    50398 - Invitations with empty CN field result
    47488 - Preemptive auth incorrectly applied to http requests
    50419 - UserServlet basic auth challenge is not working
    50603 - When emptying large folder, batch size ignores zimbraMailEmptyFolderBatchSize
    +P1's contents:
    49624 - Appointment doesnt show the details in Calendar (after it was accepted)
    50191 - error HTTP 500 on shared notebooks in zcs 6.0.8 when not in English
    49412 - zmmailbox modifyFolderGrant issue with revoking grant for all

    Quick Help:
    Follow Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Then as root on servers where the zimbra-core or zimbra-store package is installed (basically all servers this time):
    tar -xzvf zcs-patch-6.0.8_GA_2678.tgz
    cd zcs-patch-6.0.8_GA_2678
    zmcontrol restart
    -P2 build 2678 is cumulative, no need to install P1 build 2673 first.
    -Should only be applied to existing instances of 6.0.8 build 2661 or 6.0.8 P1 build 2673.
    -At this time there is no planned full 400MB installer release of build 2678.
    -All version output information may not change after installing the patch (see /opt/zimbra/.install_history)
    -File is 27MB, with checksum b34c2c3772d5b3b549d9a827ffa25a43

    If you aren't yet running ZCS 6.0.8:
    Network Edition: Release Notes & Downloads | Open Source Edition: Release Notes & Downloads
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