4.0.1 has been released. Most of the fixes provide a better upgrade experience for those coming from 3.1.4. However there are a few additional fixes. See the release notes for more details.

10388 - After upgrading to 4.0.0 on Macs, some users could not log in. Now all users can log in after upgrading to ZCS.
• 10394 - zmldappasswd now correctly changes the LDAP password.
• 10346,10514 - Enabling the Documents feature after an upgrade is now easier.
• 10415 - zmldapenable replica CLI command now correctly enables replica on a new host.
• 10261 - Some customers' upgrades failed due to MySQL taking longer to shutdown than anticipated. The wait logic is now more robust.
• 10343 - LDAP error when clicking 'save' on Global Settings. This frequently occurred after license installation (Network Edition), but could be seen in other cases. It has been fixed and 'save' on Global Settings works correctly.
• 7920 - server logs show NullPointerException in Zimlet filter (due to zimlet access by a user whose auth token has timed out). This case will correctly issue an auth token expired error.
• 10397 - zmprov GetAllAccounts on a domain now works.
• 10409 - It is now possible to provision a user with an encoded password. This helps some migration cases.
• 7725 - Re-indexing an account's mailbox while the account is receiving mail could cause the server to deadlock. This bug has been fixed and re-indexing will work correctly.