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Thread: ZCS 6.0.10 and 5.0.26 Generally Available

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    Default ZCS 6.0.10 and 5.0.26 Generally Available

    Zimbra Server 6.0.10 is available for download, please see the release notes for more information. Apologies for the delayed post.

    Release Notes:
    Open Source
    Network Edition

    Open Source Edition Downloads
    Network Edition Downloads

    Bug | Description

    48824 | Amavis now correctly handles email marked by ClamAV 0.96
    50019 | Fixed issues that caused inconsistent behavior when clicking some items in the Inbox
    50316 | Quieted harmless warning when running zmrestoreldap
    52947 | ClamAV now binds to private IP for security
    53181 | Upgraded to clamav 0.96.5
    53619 | HttpStoreManager now closes the socket upon getting an error response.
    53908 | On Ubuntu10, zmsyslogsetup did not correctly uninstall the Zimbra Syslog configuration
    54125 | 6.0.10 includes a patched version of OpenSSL to address security issues identified in CVE-2010-4180. (Note: This is a patched version of OpenSSL, not a new version. (It uses the same version numbering as the
    previous release.))
    54338 | Upgraded to Apache 2.2.17 for multiple bug and security fixes.
    54348 | Fixed issues that caused zmsyslogsetup to fail during install.
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