We are excited to announce Zimbra 7 is generally available. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the many contributors, beta testers, supporters and bug filers who provided valuable feedback and guidance throughout the development cycle.

There are over 200 new features; many focused on creating even better enterprise productivity, especially around scheduling and file management, as well as significant work on extending openness and improved manageability.

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Feature Highlights:

• Briefcase file versioning and check in/out
• Self-restore previously deleted email / calendar data
• Scheduling wizard
• Preview schedules in email meeting invites
• Reminders server (email, sms)
• People / GAL search
• Schedule future email delivery and undo send
• Add multiple attachments at once in Compose
• View distribution list members
• Forward contacts as vCards
• Copy existing meetings
• Better performance & scalability with MySQL & Ngnix updates
• Kerberos SSO support
• oAuth support
• BES 5.0 support
• New operating systems Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, RHEL 6 / Fedora 13 (beta)
• Outlook 2010 64 bit support

Please note that also Zimbra Desktop 7 is in Beta and the Appliance will be in 7 beta soon, our goal moving forward is to keep these together as single platform releases.

Finally, some may notice we have updated the name to roll off the tongue easier – we are now shipping ZCS officially as VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server (not Suite).

The Zimbra Team