Zimbra Collaboration Server 6.0.11 is now available to download.

Open Source Edition

Network Edition

This release adds new support for Microsoft Exchange as well as many other enhancements and bug fixes, below are high lights:

  • Admins may now customize the auto save frequency for draft messages (default is 30 seconds). This is set from the Account/COS Preferences tab.
  • A BETA Free / busy for Exchange 2010 has been added; admins may use the zmprov CLI to configure which Exchange Free / Busy provider the server will use:
    + WebDAV-based for Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007
    + EWS-based (Exchange Web Service) for Exchange 2010
    Note that Exchange _EWS on Apple Mac Computers running OSX is not supported as free/busy for Exchange 2010 and does not work correctly on OSX 10.4 with Java 1.5. It requires Java 1.6. If you need to run this, ZCS is offering a BETA trial of the updated jar that you can download and install from support. (56804)
  • Updated migration wizards: the ZCS 7.0 migration wizards are replacing the older migration wizards in previous 60.x releases and improve migration performance (56214)
  • The Beach Theme (skin) now works correctly. (44606)
  • Added support for internal change password listener and changed zimbrasync to register as an internal listener. (50458)
  • Updated Jetty to fix security issues. (55729)
  • Issues with memcached reconnect for NGINX were fixed. (52071)
  • Performance improvements for galsync.(52816)
  • In the ZCS admin console, the Server setting MTA tab, MTA Trusted Networks text area maximum length is now 10240. (55332)
  • Fixed issues that caused the text to not wrap correctly when printing emails. (50254)
  • Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8r. (53298 / 56501)
  • Fixed issues that caused the caused the source code of the message to display when clicking download for attachments.(50791)
  • Fixed issues with the attachment icon and with opening attachments when clicking the link. (51226)
  • Various security fixes (51954, 52943, 52944, 55025, 49850)
  • Fixed issues that caused iSync connector to create duplicate CalDAV accounts after OSX 10.6.4 upgrades (48250)
  • When the organizer modifies meeting details that requires the attendees to respond, the attendees status in the appointment view is changed to Needs Action. (49881)
  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused the addresses displayed in the Find Attendees tab to be incorrectly replaced. (52382)
  • The ThrottlingFilter is disabled by default. (42648)