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Thread: ZCS 6.0.12 Has Arrived

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    Arrow ZCS 6.0.12 Has Arrived

    Network Edition Downloads | Open Source Edition Downloads

    The 6.0.12 release adds new support for Microsoft Exchange as well as many other enhancements and bug fixes, below are highlights:

    • Admins may now customize the auto save frequency for draft messages (default is 30 seconds). This is set from the Account/COS Preferences tab.
    • A BETA Free / busy for Exchange 2010 has been added; admins may use the zmprov CLI to configure which Exchange Free / Busy provider the server will use:
      + WebDAV-based for Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007
      + EWS-based (Exchange Web Service) for Exchange 2010
      Note that Exchange _EWS on Apple Mac Computers running OSX is not supported as free/busy for Exchange 2010 and does not work correctly on OSX 10.4 with Java 1.5. It requires Java 1.6. If you need to run this, ZCS is offering a BETA trial of the updated jar that you can download and install from support. (56804)
    • Updated migration wizards: the ZCS 7.0 migration wizards are replacing the older migration wizards in previous 60.x releases and improve migration performance (56214)
    • The Beach Theme (skin) now works correctly. (44606)
    • Added support for internal change password listener and changed zimbrasync to register as an internal listener. (50458)
    • Updated Jetty to fix security issues. (55729)
    • Issues with memcached reconnect for NGINX were fixed. (52071)
    • Performance improvements for galsync.(52816)
    • In the ZCS admin console, the Server setting MTA tab, MTA Trusted Networks text area maximum length is now 10240. (55332)
    • Fixed issues that caused the text to not wrap correctly when printing emails. (50254)
    • Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8r. (53298 / 56501)
    • Fixed issues that caused the caused the source code of the message to display when clicking download for attachments.(50791)
    • Fixed issues with the attachment icon and with opening attachments when clicking the link. (51226)
    • Various security fixes (51954, 52943, 52944, 55025, 49850)
    • Fixed issues that caused iSync connector to create duplicate CalDAV accounts after OSX 10.6.4 upgrades (48250)
    • When the organizer modifies meeting details that requires the attendees to respond, the attendees status in the appointment view is changed to Needs Action. (49881)
    • Fixed issues that sometimes caused the addresses displayed in the Find Attendees tab to be incorrectly replaced. (52382)
    • The ThrottlingFilter is disabled by default. (42648)
    • 6 critical issues found in ZCS 6.0.11

    As always, it's suggested to read the release notes and take a backup before upgrading.
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