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Thread: ZCS 7.0.1 Is Live!

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    Arrow ZCS 7.0.1 Is Live!

    Network Edition Downloads | Open Source Edition Downloads

    Key Enhancements:
    • Per-domain SSL Certs using nginx proxy (8128)
    • OAuth /opt/zimbra/extensions-extra/oauth/README.txt (45781)
    • mysqldump can be enabled for NE backups by setting mysql_backup_retention (17424)
    • Data resource polling intervals can be set from the admin console (21199)
    • Admins may now customize the auto save frequency for draft messages (default is 30 seconds) from the Account/COS Preferences tab.
    • A BETA Free / busy for Exchange 2010 has been added; admins may use the zmprov CLI to configure which Exchange Free / Busy provider the server will use:
      + WebDAV-based for Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007
      + EWS-based (Exchange Web Service) for Exchange 2010
      Note that Exchange _EWS on Apple Mac Computers running OSX is not supported as free/busy for Exchange 2010 and does not work correctly on OSX 10.4 with Java 1.5. It requires Java 1.6. If you need to run this, ZCS is offering a BETA trial of the updated jar that you can download and install from support. (56804)
    • Updated migration wizards: the ZCS 7.0 migration wizards are replacing the older migration wizards in previous 60.x releases and improve migration performance (56214)
    • UI change. Fixed issues that caused ZWC to hang when applying filter rules to large folders by batching requests and adding a progress bar. (40184)
    • UI change. When viewing conversation in ZWC, users can now use right and left arrows keys to open and close a conversation view. (21291)
    • UI change. Improvements were made with using the “bubbles” in ZWC email address fields to manage and edit contacts. (55415, 55460, 55777)
    • UI change. The Preferences>Mail>Check for new mail includes the options to check Manually and As new mail arrives. (52834)
    • UI change. A new right-click option is available when browsing folders, reading messages or when looking at addresses in Address Book to find emails to find email sent/received to senders or recipients. (56086, 56077)
    • UI change. Users can search their Sent Folder for emails sent to specific recipients. (56081)
    • UI change. In Calendar, the ability to mark an appointment as private is now on the appointment page in the Display area (54806)
    • 55831 UI change. Calendar’s Suggest Time feature displays suggestions has been upgraded; organizers can now request a list of available locations without adding attendees.
    • Users can now reply to and forward messages that include an image in the signature. (54188)
    • Calendar. Audio alarms from Apple iCal are now allowed via the CalDAV and ics interfaces. (43271)
    • zimbraMailKeepOutWebCrawlers attribute to generate a robots.txt for prevention of crawling on any mailstore URL. (55711)
    • Upgraded to JKDK 1.6u24. (56757)
    • Fixed issues that could cause heap corruption and memory leak in a rare race condition (57551)
    • Fixed issues with rsyslogd configuration in UBUNTU10_64 (57204)
    • The issue that caused slapindex to hang during install has been fixed (57491)
    • Fixed issue that caused the server to timeout too soon (57500)
    The appliance beta will be updated soon, but you can play with the 7.0.0 version here.

    While taking a backup you should read the release notes - enjoy!
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