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Please be sure to read the OS or NE release notes for more on the enhancements and fixes; a release overview is available on

Release Highlights:

  • Support for Single Sign On in the Outlook Connector [23629]
  • Users can now self-recover Briefcase files, contacts, email and appointments from Trash [51562]
  • Availability of a zmmsgtrace replacement (beta) [41078]
  • Quota bar added under user names [53062]
  • Fixed charset and encoding issues when replying to a message from a mobile phone [33506]
  • Fixed Tab key order issues in new message body compose. [43976]
  • Messages dragged to the mini calendar to make a new
    appointment, a dialog displays asking if sender and other recipients in the
    mail should be added to the appointment. [13096]

Before doing an upgrade, please remember to back up your installation.