A new patch is available for ZCS NE and Open Source Editions, the release notes and files are available on the downloads page.

Network Edition | Open Source Edition

Please be sure to back up your system and carefully read the release notes about the patch.

Patch 7.1.1 P2 patch fixes the following bugs:
  • 58733 zmconfigd doesn’t respond to stop/kill signal
  • 60632 Too many LDAP account lookups from processing an appointment with many external attendees
  • 57891 zmfixperms breaks MTA in 7.0.1
  • 60600 (Network Edition only) iPhone keeps resending the same message on SendFailedException
  • 60379 Load domains on demand in admin console
  • 60403 (Network Edition only) Missing appointments when there are more declined calendar items for the given sync window
  • 60893 zmpatch needs capability to delete files
  • 60743 Upgrade to Jython 2.5.2
  • 60748 Newline jumping below signature
  • 60364 OOME, IMAP session reaper is not initialized
  • 60951 zmconfigd stop AS/AV if archiving is installed but not enabled
  • 60952 Error (mail.MUST_BE_ORGANIZER) when trying to delete recurring event
  • 61209 (enhancement in preparation for 7.1.2) SMIME: add support for lookup option in GetSMIMEPublicCertsRequest
  • 61217 Absence of working hours information should mean available all day