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Thread: Introductions: Rob Howard - Zimbra, CTO

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    Default Introductions: Rob Howard - Zimbra, CTO

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to briefly introduce myself:

    My name is Rob Howard (email: | twitter: robhoward) and I'm the founder and CTO of Telligent. Telligent is a company I started in 2004 when we created the first integrated suite of social / community capabilities (forums, wikis, blogs, profiles, etc.). We've evolved quite a bit since then, but an area that I was always interested in was deeper integration with email.

    The opportunity to acquire Zimbra is enabling us to do 2 things (1) continue investing and growing a great business with Zimbra's collaboration product (2) integrate social functionality where appropriate (this is my longer term vision for the 'social business' market).

    For customers that want to use Zimbra as a collaboration platform, we're not changing that. For customers that want to use Zimbra as part of an integrated social business capability, we are going to add integrations with Telligent's social business platform. To start with, these are things like single sign-on, integrated search and building on the existing Zimlet capabilities.

    Overtime, I know there are some really exciting new things we'll be adding. We're going to share more of our roadmap and talk about some of these integrations at our annual customer conference. Now that the acquisition is public, we are in the process of adding a Zimbra specific track (which will be updated soon):
    Telligent Customer Conference

    You will also see Zimbra getting back to its roots. I've already communicated to my product team that being active in the developer community is something that is very important to us for a numer of reasons. I'll be active in this forum, as will my team.

    I've gotten a lot of emails over the past couple of days and I'll do my best to reply to everyone.

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