Two critical security vulnerabilities have been resolved in these patch release. It is recommended that any customer running the following versions of Zimbra Collaboration Server, apply the patch release:

8.0.5, 8.0.4, 8.0.3
7.2.5, 7.2.4, 7.2.3, 7.2.2

These issues are being tracked in our Bugzilla systems as the following:

Bug # 80338
Summary: Priviledge Escalation via LFI
Affected Versions: 7.2.2 and 8.0.2 and all previous releases

Bug # 84547
Summary: Critical Security Vulnerability
Affected Versions: 7.2.5 and 8.0.5 and all previous releases

The official patch downloads and release notes can be found here:
Network Edition Downloads: Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Software by Zimbra

Please follow the release notes for installation instructions. Each patch release is a cumulative update including any fixes from previous patch releases for that version.