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Thread: ZCS 3.0 Milestone 2 Released

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    Default ZCS 3.0 Milestone 2 Released

    Just released to the downloads. Please use the .torrent links. This saves us bandwidth.

    We've also put out the first beta of the Network Release. You can download a trial here.

    At this time there is NO UPGRADE from M1 -> M2. You must uninstall and lose any data. We are working on an upgrade script. We plan to have this late next week.

    Tons of bug fixes and some new stuff, here's some highlights:


    Group scheduling
    Multiple calendars per user
    Sharing (Publish & subscribe/Intranet & Internet)
    Time zones & recurrences
    Attachments & HTML authoring
    Spell check, address completion, & printing
    “Rubber banding”, drag & drop & mouse-over
    Scheduling “thermometer”
    iCalendar support (RFCs 2445-7)


    Quick-add to Calendar
    RSS & Atom Feed Folders
    Spell check


    Distribution list management
    Anti-spam/Anti-virus dashboard
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