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Thread: Forum Spam & Security Update

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    Default Forum Spam & Security Update

    The popularity of Zimbra Forums is great - but it also means we've decided to to put in place some extra security measures to block unwelcome posts from less savory people.

    What's this mean to you? There may be some cases when you post a thread it will be auto-flagged for moderation. Triggers include: posts which contain certain words, attachments, and links.

    Also, a common mistake is to hit the back button to make corrections to a post. When you then 'submit' you end up creating a duplicate post/two quick posts; use the 'edit' button instead.

    When a thread is flagged, this simply means it goes in the queue for one of our moderators to approve and then push live. This generally takes under an hour (so please don't post your thread 10 more times or something).

    There's also a higher chance of it happening on your first post, so sit tight-we'll get to it soon!

    How will you know a message gets flagged? After you post you will see an error message letting you know.

    Have questions? Please PM a mod if you're having issues with this feature (look at the bottom of the Forums page and you will see user names of moderators in bold green, employees bold red).

    Thanks for your patience and understanding, we believe this will make for a better experience!
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