Zimbra issues the following statement concerning Zimbra Collaboration (ZC) support for Microsoft Outlook 2003 (MS Outlook 2003), Microsoft XP (MS XP) and other products no longer supported by Microsoft:

Zimbra continually improves and evolves our products working to meet our customer's needs and requirements. Over time, products used in support of Zimbra Collaboration, such as MS Outlook 2003 and MS XP, will reach an "End of Life" (EOL) status. MS Outlook 2003 and MS XP have both reached "EOL" status, imposed by Microsoft, beyond Zimbra's control.

Zimbra continues working to support our customers on the platforms and products on which they chose to run or use ZC. Zimbra will work to provide continued support to customers who remain on MS Outlook 2003 and MS XP. However, Zimbra strongly encourages our customers to migrate away from MS Outlook 2003 and MS XP to products and platforms currently supported by Microsoft. Microsoft discontinuing support for these products will result in increasing security, stability and support issues.