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  1. Zimbra Desktop not working on Windows Vista
  2. Syncing with GMail account works but gives "Status: error"
  3. Calendar view
  4. Does Zimbra offer mail templates?
  5. Web client Drafts(2) but folder empty
  6. Big random issues with calendar...
  7. Problem with tags on recurring appointments
  8. [SOLVED] Resolution/Font Issue
  9. Tags across Documents, Emails, Contacts,...
  10. Shared Calendar / Organizer Always Busy
  11. [SOLVED] Error in HotSpot Virtual Machine
  12. Mail to multiple contacts from Contact list
  13. Tags on other calenders
  14. 2 accounts in ZIMBRA
  15. Blocking user from chat
  16. overlayed public calendars in HTML
  17. Signature limit set to 1024
  18. Rename "Calendar"?
  19. what is feature: "group calendar"?
  20. Advanced Search by Domain
  21. Sharing folders outside the Zimbra server
  22. [SOLVED] How to delete all contacts from an address book
  23. Investigating: Thunderbird-Lightning Calendar + Zimbra
  24. Zimbra display issue in Firefox
  25. Unable to Forward Messages...
  26. The Demo Login is broken.
  27. Error trying to add attachment under Firefox
  28. SunONE ics file with recurrence problem
  29. External calendar share
  30. Integrating Zimbra with Webhost Provider
  31. How can we deactivate short-cuts?
  32. Sending to all contacts
  33. toaster for Mac ?
  34. How to email a single contact from address book
  35. discovering folders that have been shared to you?
  36. Copying contacts from addressbook to address book
  37. Message truncation
  38. Checkbox for Request Responses on Appointment detail
  39. How do I stop server side mail filtering?
  40. [SOLVED] Please save me from Control-S
  41. Collate External Emails
  42. Attaching messages to other messages
  43. How to share documents from the briefcase?
  44. Can I stop "Resources" from sending email accepting appointments
  45. path prefix?
  46. From: field
  47. kontact does not delete appointment on server
  48. Access denied when making private appointments in shared calendar
  49. [SOLVED] XMPP question.
  50. Show TO:field in folderlist
  51. Automatically mark junk mail as read?
  52. How-to Add Persona by using CLI
  53. help me
  54. Access Free-Busy of external users?
  55. Zimbra sync with Google
  56. Sharing Briefcase with external users
  57. Tasks in Zimbra
  58. @ symbol field "to" and "cc" and mail text
  59. Zimbra Server
  60. Zimbra 6.0 Roadmap
  61. Zimbra support for signatures - server side?
  62. Last post not showing?
  63. Many keyboard shortcuts do not work
  64. Can't change/edit anything
  65. Zimbra HTTP Session problem
  66. Firefox crash at appointment notification
  67. Attachment Name Problem
  68. Contact export not working
  69. shared calendars/contacts I just don't understand
  70. Automatic meeting resource allocation broken
  71. Problems with mobile access
  72. Emailed Contacts auto-population crapping up my autocomplete
  73. Collaborative Knowledge Creation with Zimbra
  74. Identifying accidental deletions
  75. What exactly can I share to external guests and public?
  76. Removing public share
  77. [SOLVED] Email addresses etc in signature
  78. [SOLVED] Deleted and Sent folder question
  79. [SOLVED] Zimbra Calendar Integration with Remember The Milk
  80. small frontend enhancements
  81. Problems with handling suffix
  82. Cursor for New Messages defaults to Send
  83. Import Personal Address Book Groups from Thunderbird
  84. Sort order of Folders
  85. Creating a contact group in an Addressbook
  86. Search Preferences
  87. Global and domain level document accounts - what do they stand for?
  88. Last logon in "server statistics" updated incorrectly
  89. internal user
  90. Lazy loading contacts
  91. Reply is acting funny
  92. Signature field to small
  93. preview/read interface
  94. Date format recognition
  95. eth0 pop3 ok - eth1 pop3 failed
  96. No LFCR on txt-import to Documents
  97. uncomplete POP3 downloads
  98. Multipart messages in web-client
  99. local links in composer
  100. win Russian locale trouble
  101. Sort by Name - Webclient
  102. Rename file in Briefcase
  103. Appointment request for external contact?
  104. iCal/iSync invitations blank in Zimbra Webmail
  105. external .ics invitation behavior
  106. eM client--anyone tried it with Zimbra?
  107. Search across all mailboxes?
  108. self forward
  109. Suggest alternative appointment time
  110. Parsing of Signatures
  111. E-mail incompatibility with Eudora 6.2
  112. Message sort order
  113. Importing RFC messages into user's mailbox
  114. attachments not shown in standard client
  115. [FEATURE] Infolog, phonecall history, etc ... for contacts
  116. Spam Filters for Zimbra?
  117. zimbra mailbox - search by folder name
  118. Documents and inserted files/images
  119. Sharing a shared briefcase
  120. Raw HTML/Inline images
  121. Custom keyboard shortcuts - possible?
  122. Some anomalies and feature requests
  123. External IM support PLEASE!
  124. Sticky IM msg Windows?
  125. sent items with subfolders -> column missing
  126. Using Zimbra
  127. question about free/busy times
  128. Searching/filtering RSS
  129. Zimbra Calendar + Evolution 2.26.0
  130. Spread Sheet Editing issue
  131. WebClient: Can not login with disabled cookies!
  132. Meeting Setup Questions
  133. Documents "version" property -- function?
  134. [SOLVED] Attachements only get saved
  135. Sharing calendar - Problems
  136. [SOLVED] Subscribe to RSS
  137. Reminder Manager
  138. [SOLVED] Empty "Sent" folder
  139. Problem with .doc files as attachments
  140. Searching arbitrary header fields
  141. access user contacts from thunderbird
  142. Allocate task
  143. Xmpp
  144. Mail merge from MS Word
  145. Mail Identities
  146. auto-reply start/end dates
  147. exporting mail from Zimbra
  148. [SOLVED] Drafts folder "out of sync"
  149. Hosted test demo for Zimbra 6.0 beta
  150. open source and iphone/mobile support?
  151. Documents -> remove global sharing
  152. comparision between zimbra and lotus
  153. Mail Problems
  154. Exporting out contacts from within groups
  155. Why is Zimbra so buggy?
  156. Ease of Install
  157. monitor all mailbox incoming and outgoing
  158. Location approver can't see meeting info
  159. [SOLVED] Hi
  160. Divider between message list and reading pane
  161. [SOLVED] Drag Task List
  162. Jabber Integration: Offline Messages
  163. Default Mail Search in:inbox not working
  164. Vcard Attachment - no add to address book
  165. age in days message filter
  166. [SOLVED] How to Put log + password into url directly ?
  167. Checking Gmail through Zimbra
  168. Zimbra Tags
  169. slow performance with IE7
  170. Foreign characters displayed in the subject line of emails.
  171. Using Zimbra with a PDA? Which one?
  172. user login
  173. Can't save changes to existing calendar appointments
  174. Zimbra Today Page?
  175. Spam training
  176. Send email attachment from Briefcase?
  177. Sender name behaivour
  178. aggregated personal calendars
  179. Filters
  180. shared calendars vs sending of invitations
  181. Beta 6: Read Receipts... where?
  182. IE8 User Cannot Send Email from
  183. Open Source, IMAP, Smartphones, and Older Messages
  184. Unable to download mails using pop
  185. Strange error message on first login with IE6
  186. How to list accounts other than primary?
  187. External pop3 does not run automatically
  188. Stoopid Error Reports Folder
  189. Zimbra Documents Question
  190. Certificate
  191. [SOLVED] Log into Zimbra directly passing variables ?
  192. User Login Failing?
  193. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption Attachments -- Smartzone email
  194. Shared Notebook - goes to edit mode
  195. evernote and mozilla weave integration
  196. sending an email (size: 6K) to 16000 recipients
  197. setting default reminder to never stops all reminders
  198. Use more smtp for many pop3 connector or relay to external smtp
  199. keyboard shortcut to a shared folder doesn't work
  200. Why no Mandriva Version anymore?
  201. Online backup solution with mobile access needed.
  202. Issues encountered with Zimbra
  203. Calendar notification/alert when new events are added to my diary by Third Parties?
  204. [SOLVED] Address book usability and features
  205. "attachments can be viewed in their original format only"
  206. [SOLVED] setting work hours (hours of availability)
  207. Zimbra ZCS co-habitating with our Website
  208. Can't Open .xls attachment
  209. Need help with Zimbra and Alpine email client please
  210. [SOLVED] sorting message by size
  211. Tags....whats the point?
  212. FEATURE REQUEST - Enhanced Yahoo! Calendar Reminders
  213. Incorporating SMS sync functionality
  214. Palm Pre SSL Cert issue
  215. Whish for mobile Mail
  216. ldap memberof attribute
  217. Address book Error
  218. Searching Contacts via New Message causes unresponsive script
  219. Auto-response message
  220. Feedback from a Zimbra customer using Windows having moved from Outlook
  221. External POP
  222. [SOLVED] meetings created in iCal 3 CalDAV don't generate invitations
  223. Please expand Notes field in Address Book
  224. I waste time waiting for attachments to upload
  225. HelpMe zclient.IO_ERROR
  226. {request?} Search calendar to a list
  227. filter on original target address?
  228. Possible to turn off calendar fisheye view?
  229. Forwarding External Meeting Requests
  230. Recommended Kill/Tag Percents??
  231. options available when reading mail in separate window
  232. "vacation" auto reply ...cant find it.....
  233. Sharing tasks' tags
  234. Resource management / how to organize it ?
  235. Attaching emails to tasks
  236. Impossible to POP GMAIL account since 11am GMT+1 using Zimbra Hosted (01.com)
  237. How to set up Thunderbird, Lightning & Contacts with iPhone & Zimbra?
  238. Thunderbird Very Slow!!
  239. Unknown error message
  240. User document templates
  241. Resource Accounts as Personas?
  242. Read receipt for email?
  243. 'Received' dates muddle in Zimbra, OK in Outlook
  244. Option to change highlight color for spell checking?
  245. Webmail error when send email
  246. web mail not staying on-line
  247. Zimbra calendar displayed on a website
  248. can't share mbox (delegated shared mbox)
  249. Sharing calendar
  250. Emails sent from Outlook 2007 get unformated on Zimbra Web interface