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  1. ZD 7.1.1 is up!
  2. Could not open contacts after upgraded to ZD7.1.1
  3. Search folder like in outlook
  4. after disabling zimlets i cant see zimlet names
  5. Zimbra desktop client 7.1.1 windows 7, search bar is so small
  6. Strikethrough text in ZD 7.1
  7. Am I in the wrong place?
  8. Opens in full screen mode
  9. ZD 7.1.1 Linux update
  10. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.1 Office VB SendMail problem
  11. 7.1: fixing an illegible font on incoming e mails
  12. Can't schedule emails
  13. Zimbra resets when I click a web browser email address
  14. any way to recover lost email?
  15. Recovering Mails from previous directory
  16. Desktop Filters not pushed to Server?
  17. Missing Mail Preferences
  18. Did I install the wrong version of Zimbra?
  19. Sent messages not saved to sent folder (AOL)
  20. *** Zimbra Frequently Needed Answers // et aliae ***
  21. Importing .msg back into Zimbra desktop.
  22. Unable to return form Briefcase zimbra file download
  23. New user needs to know
  24. Copying Zimbra Across my LAN
  25. Desktop installation fails
  26. Won't Forward
  27. Nothing in My Folders.
  28. Email Address Aliases
  29. Importing Mac Address Book - HELP!
  30. Autocomplete Failed
  31. Dovecot in RHEL-5 vs RHEL-6
  32. SendMessage request failed: Method context doesn't exist
  33. ¿se puede usar zimbra desktop para restaurar?
  34. PLEASE HELP My Zimbra desktop is not sending out messages - unable to sync
  35. Will zimbra run on 64bit OS?
  36. Local File Backup
  37. Red Circle, White Cross - Means?
  38. Blocking email address question
  39. Relay Access Denied message (network novice)
  40. Need help for Zimbra desktop configuration automation
  41. ZD7 doesn't start
  42. Trouble installing Zimlets in Desktop on Mac
  43. Unable start first account set up ZD 7.1
  44. Issues with Zimbra Desktop 7.1.1 and SBCGLOBAL
  45. How do I backup Zimbra account settings
  46. Error: Always compose in new window
  47. Installing Zimlets
  48. Zimbra Desktop sync error with ZCS proxy
  49. Email Receipt Frequency Settings Missing
  50. Yahoo Folders Not Syncing
  51. Does 7.1.1 fix Yahoo mail problem
  52. How do I get back ONLINE?
  53. Zimbra Desktop random emails held up for delivery.
  54. ZD Proxy Setting
  55. timestamp discrepency
  56. Zimbra Desktop 7.0.1 to 7.1.1 migration
  57. zimbra jumps to the accounts setup screen randomly
  58. zimbra Desktop Preference menu
  59. going from 1.07 to latest desk top -How?
  60. zimbra desktop briefcase not syncing
  61. every email content is blank!
  62. Zimbra Desktop unable to backup for Japanese OS
  63. ZD 7.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 Issue
  64. Installation problem
  65. Forwarding messages
  66. How do I move/define the default "data storage" directory?
  67. Spinning circle
  68. Yahoo archiving question
  69. Zimbra Desktop is not starting
  70. Import/Export Question
  71. delivery failed: invalid addresses
  72. Overlapping Appointments
  73. Delete all problem
  74. Need Zimbra Desktop EMail Recovery...
  75. Launch in seperate window is quirky!
  76. Drag / Drop into folder changes format to Google Chrome
  77. Accessing Tasks and Contacts on the Web
  78. Does Zimbra Hide Directories (Folders)?
  79. Restoring ..
  80. Received email is one hour behind
  81. Grouping emails by sender
  82. Search for unreaded message
  83. The "To" button is not clickable
  84. Briefcase / WebDAV file size limit woes
  85. EMail Addressing Failure!
  86. unable to resize left pane
  87. Unread Email
  88. Urgent: Incoming and Outgoing not working
  89. Can't sync calendars with Zimbra Server
  90. Pages Don't Print - Yahoo Mail
  91. Spell check and mullti language spell check
  92. Deploying Zimlets in Mac O/S Lion
  93. Rich Text in ZD
  94. new messages not automatically seen in inbox
  95. Replying in shared folders
  96. Zimbra desktop survey bugs
  97. No Such Blob
  98. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 Is Here
  99. Unable to launch Zimbra Desktop
  100. GAL contains doublings of each address
  101. Cannot Create Appointments in Calendar
  102. Mails stuck in Outbox
  103. Display Setting
  104. Start in Calendar view, not email
  105. Month view as default in Calendar
  106. Problem due to account migration
  107. Can't Get Zimbra To Delete Emails from IMAP Server
  108. ZD 7.1.2 spam folder oddity
  109. AVG error on send/receive
  110. Zd 7.1.2
  111. Can't Save Appointment
  112. 300 second timeout on POP sync/download
  113. Incoming Server not set as ip in zimbra desktop 7.1.2
  114. Send multiple files to different people. Mail Merge?
  115. Send & Reply issues with Yahoo Mail
  116. Problems downloading zimbra desktop 7_1_2
  117. Corrupted download?
  118. Incomplete mail synch - Yahoo
  119. ZD 7.x for Mac 1.5.x Leopard
  120. Yahoo account is locked
  121. Upgrade from 1.0.4 to 7.1.2 - Local Folders
  122. Zimbra DT 7.1.2 - The server appears to be slow to respond, and may be unavailable.
  123. Better??
  124. E-mail Inbox
  125. Inbox Messages Disappear
  126. Zimlet for syncing Zimbra Desktop with Google Apps' Calendar and Address Book?
  127. Cannot add new appointments.
  128. Where do I find incoming server name
  129. Fonts size very small
  130. importing email accounts from outlook 2007
  131. zimbra desktop 7 will not stop asking for feedback
  132. Using ZD as an IMAP/iCAL proxy?
  133. Enterprise ZDC deployment
  134. Disable offline access in ZDC?
  135. missing field in contact form
  136. Weird Characters when creating a new Appointment
  137. Urgent! Please help recover draft!!
  138. Removing Attachment Creates Duplicate Message
  139. Cannot create or delete appointments in 7.1.2.
  140. Proxy Authentication
  141. Google address book synchronization failed
  142. Email address won't open
  143. Filtered Good Mails Are Also Appearing In Spam Folder
  144. Social Tab Problems in version 7.1.2_10978
  145. Import/Export
  146. calendar (fonts)
  147. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 sync never ends
  148. Export to mbox from ZD 7.1.2 on Mac?
  149. Can't open mail from Firefox, but IE OK: Unable to load config file
  150. Can not view appointments or events in calendar
  151. Zimbra Desktop reporting untrusted certificate
  152. Previous configuration and data for new setup
  153. Marketing research
  154. Shared public calendar showing all users' appointments
  155. INBOX in capital letters
  156. Just doesnt work on XP
  157. digital signature in emails
  158. Facebook and Twitter accounts don't stick
  159. Zimbra desktop : problem with local calendar
  160. Automated Export of Local Folders?
  161. Exchange Calendar on ZImbra7.1.2 Client
  162. ZD 7.1.2 Sync errors with ZCS
  163. ZD 7.1.2 Problems
  164. Changing the incoming email sound.
  165. Deactivating ALL social connections
  166. Zimbra Email Search
  167. Yahoo Calendar stopped syncing
  168. Garbled/wrong font in 'Search Window'
  169. Accessing Zimbra Desktop Server
  170. Error report on zimbra client
  171. delivery receipts in Zimbra Desktop
  172. What is this???
  173. How Do You Copy an Email Address?
  174. View multiple months in Mail tab
  175. Problem printing Calendar
  176. How to move messages from old to new computer
  177. Howto: Thunderbird local folders to zimbra desktop local folders
  178. what happens to emails after account is turned off
  179. Script: (Thunberbird) mbox tree to (zimbra desktop) importable .eml tree
  180. Email campaign from an Excel report
  181. Calendar only partly syncs
  182. My ZCS web calendar does not appear in Desktop Edition
  183. Zimbra Desktop & Googel Apps - Sent folder empty
  184. Urgent: Not receiving emails
  185. Yahoo sync contacts issue
  186. Calendar "Locked Up"
  187. Turn Off ZD Appointment Summary
  188. Calendar - Can you sync two user accounts
  189. Synchronizing contacts without Zimbra account
  190. Not connect
  191. Error Message
  192. bounces for the smmsp messages coming from nowhere.
  193. ZD Install in AppData/Local, Loses Setup on Log Out
  194. Performance issues with Zimbra desktop
  195. Help with Zimbra Settings and Yahoo! Mail
  196. Some skins not available
  197. desktop zimbra sending the same email 1000's of time
  198. Import/Export accounts from one computer to another?
  199. carnet adresse
  200. Problem sending emails only from Outlook, everything else works fine
  201. Zimbra Desktop Port Considerations (Administration)
  202. Yahoo Calendar Suddenly Disappeared
  203. Unable To Get Back Yahoo Contacts
  204. Duplicate E-Mails In Inbox And Sent Folders
  205. Zimlet loses Twitter and Facebook accounts
  206. Deleting Emails by hitting DELETE they still show in ALL MAIL
  207. Setting message sort order permanently
  208. emails sending, maybe not
  209. Hyperlinks broken not calling the web browser [Linux version]
  210. Deleting the Junk and Outbox folders?
  211. Unable to Launch
  212. spam folder
  213. Ubuntu 11.10 64bit problems
  214. Zimbra Desktop Calendar Not Working
  215. Saved Searches disappear on reload
  216. Sync Files in Inbox
  217. Zimbra Startup - Prism Mozilla Labs
  218. Export Contact to csv problem
  219. sync Zimbra briefcase with a local documents folder on my desktop
  220. Spam question
  221. Moving Email, address book and other info
  222. Calendar Ignoring deleted folder error
  223. Installation problems
  224. Choose the synchronizing local folder
  225. [Gmone3] Mailto: not working with default application set to zimbra desktop
  226. Appointment summary question
  227. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 doesn't start on Ubuntu Oneric
  228. Desktop detail lost
  229. Importing Windows Live Mail Storage Folders
  230. Where Are The Emails/What is Deleted?
  231. zimbra account problems,not working at all...
  232. Problema con los correos adjuntos / problem with email attachments
  233. ZD doesn't start on second account
  234. Desktop Spam filter?
  235. Calendar items can not be changed
  236. Silent Uninstallation 1.0.4
  237. ZDESKTOP 7.1.2 on Fedora 16/64 Can't install com_zimbra_url
  238. email templates/signatures
  239. How to stop unsolicited notifications to the creator of a calendar
  240. Cannot remove "Sync Issues" folder from Zimbra Desktop
  241. Failed Installation on Vista
  242. Problem with Commercial SSL Certs
  243. How can I sync "Sent" folder immediately?
  244. email filter not forwarding correcctly
  245. Layout Settings not saved
  246. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 on Debian 6 AMD64 install notes
  247. Can't Drag & Drop an All-Day Calendar Event?
  248. Social Tab
  249. Uninstall Zimbra
  250. iCloud/Me email initial settings...Anyone know?