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  1. Zimbra Ver.7.1.2 issue
  2. Easily quoting text in email responses
  3. Migrating from Outlook 2011 for Mac
  4. Zimbra Desktop sometimes freezes
  5. Choosing Pdf program
  6. Yahoo is appending unwanted news headlines to the end of received emails
  7. Sent mail saved with replied thread.
  8. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 not syncing files in briefcase
  9. How to change message header font?
  10. Text is jumbled in 7.1.2 build 10978
  11. can't create appointment
  12. How to disable "Ctrl+Enter" ?
  13. Create Local Calendar Appointments
  14. change local folder to drive D:\
  15. Removing emails from server
  16. MS Exchange Client on Zimbra
  17. Does Zimbra desktop client support the GAL?
  18. Logon History
  19. deleted account in zimbra desktop 1.4
  20. Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Install
  21. Undo shortcut button
  22. Zimbra desktop additional fonts
  23. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 (10978) Start-up Problem
  24. Email Signature with ICONS
  25. error message KDEInit could not launch '/opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux/prism/zdclient'.
  26. Desktop Setup
  27. Where does my mail go
  28. Of Mail and Dates
  29. Port Number for Zimbra account
  30. can't start ZD from the second accound
  31. Emails sent from me bounce back
  32. Stop Message Threading
  33. Unable to paste images from clipboard to new mail
  34. wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
  35. Zimbra Desktop 7.1 and Yahoo Calendar
  36. Importing from Pocomail
  37. Duplicate emails - very annoying
  38. Can't share briefcase folder-right click doesn't work
  39. "Sent" File
  40. Thunderbird to Zimbra desktop
  41. Are custom shortcuts still available in Zimbra 7.0?
  42. Can't create new address book
  43. Zimlets-LinkedIn what is supposed to do ?
  44. Cannot connect to server...
  45. After Install - Application Won't Work
  46. Zimbra desktop on a shared computer
  47. Zimbra PHP Mail
  48. Bulk Email From Contact list
  49. Contacts exported in csv cannot imported in Outlook 2007
  50. Calendar appointments are not created
  51. Can I increase the font size?
  52. Cant Sync Sent Folders in POP accounts
  53. Zimbra Desktop 7 user interface corrupt after load email to user Inbox
  54. Multiple remote connections
  55. Possible notification on changes to shared documents
  56. How do I send a message to a group?
  57. Migrate from outlook
  58. Does not retrieve mail from server
  59. zimbra desktop does not get debian printer's setting
  60. Image downloading stuck using mac outlook
  61. Don't Want to Synchronized All Email
  62. Unable to send emails
  63. problem to log in
  64. Cannot share my folders?
  65. New Mail Notification Pop-Up Not Working
  66. OSX 10.7.2 / Zimbra desktop 7.1.2
  67. Summarizing problems with no answer
  68. ZD Backup Beware
  69. Error when starting Zimbra, refuses to run
  70. Is there an alternate way to export?
  71. Cannot start ZD - unresponsive script WebAppProperties.jsm
  72. Zimbra Desktop in the Enterprise (RDS/or Citrix)
  73. zdesktop issue
  74. I guess it's safe to say that ZIMBRA no longer supports XP.
  75. no such message
  76. ZD 7.1.2 local storage
  77. calendar: birthday notification?
  78. Magical, Mystery, Disappearing emails!!
  79. GAL Sync at Zimbra Desktop
  80. Recovery of deleted compostion
  81. Exporting ???
  82. Problems with email
  83. Migration to another hardware
  84. High memory usage
  85. Unable to search within attachments
  86. How to activate the calendar ?
  87. Search Mail not giving any results
  88. No relationship between Contacts and Compose
  89. I can't find spell check in my Zimbra desktop?
  90. Zimbra Desktop configuration does not save
  91. Autocomplete failed
  92. Zimbra won't start
  93. Is there anybody around from Zimbra People to answer questions ?
  94. Having Emails Show as Unread in Folders
  95. Where can I find the spell check Zimlet?
  96. Missing Accnt Names in Accnt Column
  97. Use yahoo disposable email address in Zimbra
  98. Why is Zimbra is deleting my old emails?
  99. how to get back deleted excel sheets?
  100. Zimbra Desktop won't start - OS X Lion
  101. ZD won't open calendar invites
  102. Zimbra Desktop Client-Profiles
  103. search syntak using wildcard
  104. Zimbra Desktop Proxy Server Configuration
  105. Concerns about the "Local Folder" section
  106. Sent Emails does NOT get saved in Sent Folder! Please help!
  107. No Sound on new email notification??
  108. Problem staying ONLINE
  109. Dear all
  110. Sending emails from diffrent addresses
  111. Zimbra Updates
  112. Syncing still not finished afer 36 hours
  113. Am I stupid... No Caldav support?
  114. Project portal?
  115. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 and Outlook 2007 Inbox not syncing
  116. Duplicate emails and -1 folders appearing
  117. "Invalid Email Address" error - Zimbra Desktop - IMAP configuration
  118. ftp / webdav
  119. "Shortcuts" not working in ZD 7.1.3 beta (Linux)
  120. Shared mailbox doesn't expand on ZDC
  121. No Sync from G-mail
  122. Configuring for Lavabit Email provider
  123. Turn Off Debug Logging
  124. ZDesktop USED to work. Not any more
  125. compose email
  126. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 disappearing spam
  127. Change the email notification sound in Zimbra with Linux
  128. ZD Spell Checker
  129. ZD Scheduled Backup Time
  130. ZD 7.1.4 Beta
  131. Help.....
  132. Calendar will not display appointments
  133. Multiple Accounts
  134. Need help overwriting the sound file.....
  135. IMAP Accounts not working on Desktop Ver 7.1.4?
  136. Alias or Temporary address prior to changing MX records
  137. No longer will import mail from gmail
  138. ZD7.1.2: Saved Search Query not as expected
  139. zimbra Desktop Mac 64bit - adjust how attachements are handled?
  140. How to sync with Mac address book and iCal
  141. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 (build 11234) GMail Sync Issues
  142. 7.1.4 beta not starting...
  143. Calendar imports wrong dates from ics file
  144. address book issue
  145. Export Gmail Emails into Zimbra Server 7.1.4
  146. Portrait Printing
  147. ZD7.1.2: Add to filter > Filter by that name already exists
  148. Migrating e-mails clients to ZD
  149. Accounts do not display for Address Book or Calendar
  150. Gmail - send mail as
  151. SSL failure promblem
  152. saving sent messages in sent folder
  153. Copy/Paste image within desktop 7.1.2 / 4
  154. installed zimlet doesn't appear in panel
  155. Import / recover .msg from old hard drive
  156. Any way to run only ZD back end (jetty webserver) without GUI
  157. Increase size of font on Desktop
  158. Missing Header Fields On Exported Mail
  159. backup and restore emails on a zimbra open source client
  160. Zimbra desktop 7.1.2 disable conversation view possible?
  161. Copy Contact From GAL
  162. Drag completed tasks into calendar
  163. Zimbra Calendar - Shared Calendar doesn't display in pull-down
  164. Duplicating the functionality of Outlook's "Unread Mail" dynamic "search folder"
  165. Printing Detailed List Forms in Week View under Calendar Mode
  166. Forward e-mail if it has X-Spam-Flag: YES
  167. Can't open others' sharing briefcase files in Zimbra Desktop
  168. Case sensitivity in Filters
  169. HTML Signature Webkit font resize
  170. My old mails are missing from my ZIMRA Desktop
  171. Share folder with add but without delete
  172. Entry of 'meeting' not taken by calendar
  173. sent mail
  174. Calendar Attachments Renamed to lsmssp32
  175. Zimbra Desktip UI Font
  176. Zimbra Desktop in Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
  177. Desktop and CoS
  178. Can't see GAL from Zimbra Desktop - but webclient works fine
  179. message status - webmail
  180. MAILTO Does not work
  181. Running Zimbra Desktop 7.x in browser by default
  182. Tags Sync?
  183. Cannot Find Data After Updating
  184. why is it so hard
  185. Is there a more simplistic way to show your contact list by first name.......
  186. Desktop 7.1.4 broken?
  187. Lost Everything after Upgrade to 7.1.4
  188. Invoke Connection refused, server: localhost when trying to Reindex
  189. Date format in Zimbra Desktop
  190. Deleteing Emails
  191. Auto complete no longer working
  192. Lost Connection to Server
  193. Problems with the INBOX folders
  194. Export All Folders?
  195. smtp relay - legally...
  196. Zimbra desktop 7.14 installation fails on Linux Ubuntu 11.04
  197. pc suite error
  198. Zimbra desktop not receiving updates from web client
  199. Sync issues-Contact & Calendar from Exchange
  200. Migrate Outlook 2003 files to Zimbra Desktop?
  201. Unauthorised Access error on Zimbra Desktop
  202. admin settigs
  203. Zimbra desktop under linux : Do not synchronize email
  204. Default email application
  205. Google Calendar Question
  206. Backing up / exporting Local Folders
  207. Printing Portrait
  208. Where to get incoming server and port.
  209. Incomplete Sync with Zimbra Desktop and Exchange 2010
  210. Upgrade appears to have done a clean install!
  211. Social Plugin Not Syncing with Facebook.
  212. Duplicates being sent to an unrelated Gmail account.
  213. Sending an e-mail to multiple Addresses
  214. ZD account setup from logon script
  215. All data is missing
  216. Where can I locate my Local Folder in Zimbra Desktop...
  217. Attachements to distribution lists.
  218. Zimbra & Thunderbird/Lightening Tasks can't delete
  219. Spell check
  220. sec_error_unknown_issuer
  221. Delivery Failed; Invalid Addresses
  222. Check host/port connectivity error for Microsoft IMAP on Windows
  223. Desktop 7.1.4 not opening in win7 x64
  224. Send an email and the can't find it
  225. Love ZIMBRA Desktop BUT****
  226. Restrict send and receive mails (problem in restrict receive internet mail)
  227. Emails recovery from stored location (Zimbra Desktop)
  228. How can I sync "inbox/sent"folder rather than sent folder
  229. Applications preference problems
  230. Older versions of ZD
  231. pin to tasbar: zdclient.exe doesn't have an icon
  232. Abandoning Zimbra Desktop for something better
  233. Open URL's in a non-default browser...
  234. Change Account / Email Address
  235. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 Fedora 16/RHEL6-WS 64-bit install
  236. Zimlet development with symlinks
  237. Is there a workaround for problem with PDF attachments being blank?
  238. Impersonating in ZD and ZWeb
  239. Adobe Attachments to Email
  240. Filters
  241. Calendar appointsments disapears in ZD
  242. Spam Button???
  243. Hyperlinks does not open properly in web browsers
  244. IMAP-Can't connect "SMTP Error". Please check the host/port and network connectivity
  245. ZD future EOL
  246. sending mails
  247. Ajaxless standard interface?
  248. Lost address book after 7.1.4 update
  249. How I can read my local folders message
  250. Zimbra Desktop EOL