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  1. [SOLVED] Desktop Backup
  2. ZD Beta 5.5 - Build 1433
  3. location of offline mail file on PC - controlling it
  4. German Dictionary
  5. Flash upgrade or other browser
  6. [SOLVED] XUL resource strings are missing in Swedish version of ZD
  7. Yahoo! Mail will not sync with Zimbra Desktop.
  8. upgrade problems
  9. [SOLVED] Logger and Mailbox stop after reboot
  10. [SOLVED] "Status:error"?
  11. Zimbra Desktop does not save in sent folder??
  12. Zimbra cannot drag and drop while composing
  13. Won't sync with YCal
  14. yahoo web mail lost custom folders after using zimbra
  15. Java not up to date?
  16. Zimbra Desktop Yahoo Mail and Inline Picture
  17. Invalid token. Please report this error here.
  18. open file with
  19. Drag email to Calendar Feature
  20. Zimbra Desktop FAQ
  21. Trojan Deteceted Zimbra Desktop
  22. Store Desktop setting
  23. No symbol in the symbol bar
  24. drag and drop mails to folder
  25. Problems with POP3 GMX mail account
  26. Zimbra will not set itself as the default email client.
  27. is ZD really a windows app?
  28. Shared Calendar
  29. email header scrolling
  30. Am I missing the obvious?
  31. Offline access to shared briefcase & documents
  32. [SOLVED] Disable running in background from startup and on other XP accounts
  33. Multiple messages, grouping messages, multiple calendars
  34. can i export my email from 1 friend to pdf?
  35. [SOLVED] Copy appointment to another calendar
  36. Microsoft Live Mail
  37. IE7 not showing calendar
  38. Synchronization issues with IMAP: questions
  39. Mail attachments download to desktop..
  40. Zimbra VMWare Download
  41. Exchange 2003 With Zimbra Desktop
  42. Folder sync bug?
  43. Portable Version
  44. Multiple computer access to Zimbra Desktop
  45. Option to save but not to play .wmv file (Linux)
  46. Email indicators Show Phantom Offline Status
  47. [SOLVED] NO themes or skins for Zimbra Desktop?
  48. Importing tgz file back into Zimbra
  49. Problem attaching PDF
  50. Copy yahoo folders to gmail using Zimbra?
  51. What is Zimbra
  52. Is an Undo feature for the mail compose mode in the works.
  53. Desktop Client and open source ZCS interaction
  54. Contacts - Apostrophe code
  55. Zimbra Desktop FAQ notes the following:
  56. Sync Two Zimbra Desktops
  57. Hide or turn off Documents and Briefcase
  58. German Umlauts in Signature
  59. Several mailfolders in ZD
  60. How do I set up auto-reply on Zimbra Desktop?
  61. Eudora 8 Question
  62. howto select multiple mails
  63. Email Reminder zimlet
  64. [SOLVED] OpenSuse 11.1 and Windows XP
  65. Mail folder list disapear will going offline...
  66. Spell check in other langage than the system...
  67. Shared Calendars in Open Source Edition
  68. Won't Get Back Online...
  69. Massive Memory Consumption
  70. Zimbra Desktop Client account setup
  71. Zimbra Reports Error on Validating IMAP details...
  72. transfer/copy a document
  73. setting up of Local and roaming users in ZOS
  74. [SOLVED] How do I copy mail to a desktop folder
  75. quotas with Zimbra Desktop and archiving
  76. Word Wrap in Composed Messages
  77. Zymbra Desktop dont show good html mail
  78. mailto is not a registered protocol
  79. SSL problems
  80. Rss
  81. European language and characters
  82. zdesktop lacks prioritization in sync'ing
  83. OHS failure
  84. Windows Live Mail theme
  85. Prism and Zimbra set up
  86. [SOLVED] Change Account Name in List
  87. Three pane Vertical View?
  88. Zimbra 6.0 FOSS Backup?
  89. Feature Request-Account Name in Navigation
  90. [SOLVED] Can't find sent mail
  91. Zimbra Desktop Zimlet homebrewed doesn't deploy
  92. Filtering into local folders; applying to filters to existing mail
  93. A little confused on zimbra desktop and ZCS in general
  94. Considering Zimbra - Need advice
  95. source code for Zimbra Desktop Client
  96. zimbra Desktop Installion
  97. Will not send out mail??
  98. Where is the Z Desktop version number?
  99. [SOLVED] home page showing wrong picture
  100. IM in Zimbra Desktop
  101. Zdesktop and non-admin Users
  102. Tasks/To Do
  103. ZDesktop RC1 Available!
  104. DZimbra Desktop and Windows Live Mail
  105. Unable to access Web client after 1482 install
  106. Reminders keep coming up after being dismissed
  107. Disabling one account (Not resetting) temporarily
  108. Zimbra service vs Prism
  109. Free/busy time interop with Lotus Domino
  110. Progress Indicator
  111. Shared Desktops & Windows
  112. Zimbra Setup Cost
  113. Help in Message Encoding in Zimbra Desktop
  114. Contacts won't save new mobile numbers
  115. Zimbra Desktop frustrates the hell out of me
  116. [SOLVED] what happens after Y! Briefcase is down
  117. IMAP Exchange
  118. unable to set up current google apps email
  119. Managing contacts and calendars for multiple accounts
  120. can we CC' some one automatically?
  121. Zimbra Desktop and Gmail
  122. Why is my ZIMBRA dead
  123. Packaging Zimbra Desktop into an RPM
  124. Zimbra Desktop Exchange connector
  125. Does anyone else get annoyed that links don't open in default browser?
  126. Filters
  127. scrolling of mail context
  128. 2 questions (contact synch & access from multiple computers)
  129. SSL cert expired, but can access Account Setup
  130. Failure to import "to do list"
  131. Yahoo Small Business Email sync
  132. VPN's and Outlook
  133. Local Folders In ZDesktop RC1
  134. ubuntu 8.04LTS 64-bit Vmware with 2 virtual processor hangs
  135. Error Sync GAL in zDesktop RC1
  136. Zimbra Desktop Source code?
  137. [SOLVED] zdesktop using googlemail via imap and other smtp emailadress
  138. Can multiple accounts serve one Inbox?
  139. remove
  140. View mail and calendar at the same time
  141. Zimbra Desktop UTF8 Sync problem
  142. port forwarding fails. any alternative to vpn?
  143. Adding Hotmail Account always fails - WHY? What to do?
  144. newby q's: error messages in outbox; setting as windows email program
  145. Smileys?
  146. Couple of questions aboout general stuff and features.
  147. DNS issues with Zimbra desktop on Ubuntu
  148. I thought Zimbra was supposed to run in the background
  149. Contact
  150. Some UI questions/issues:
  151. Missing Exchange Calendar Entries
  152. [SOLVED] how to import existing zimbra acc to a new zimbra server
  153. [SOLVED] Can i disable mail notification?
  154. [SOLVED] I don't want my users can delete email
  155. ZDesktop: Are Gigs of shared folders also synchronized?
  156. Google Calendar Sync
  157. Feature question: Open calendar while composing email
  158. How do I insert a picture into my signature?
  159. ZDesktop data directory is 10GB in size!
  160. Mozilla Labs Prism?
  161. Zimbra desktop fails to get new pop emails via ZCS
  162. moving folders from Zimbra onto non-Zimbra IMAP servers
  163. [SOLVED] I must be doing something wrong.
  164. gmail and zimbra desktop; how well do they collaborate?
  165. Can I make links open in my default browser?
  166. "This message is too large to display properly"?
  167. RC1 Changes Noticed
  168. Zimbra desktop and OpenOffice send e-mail directly
  169. How can I mark messages as read?
  170. ZD- Document/Contact Share with other Zimbra Users
  171. Exporting local folder in yahoo zimbra desktop
  172. Can not sync my Email with Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  173. [SOLVED] "All Contacts" shows only first 20 contacts?
  174. Select email recipents is a simple character match, what about frequency?
  175. Signature Problem
  176. Feature Suggestions
  177. Relationships
  178. Fnctionality: can't drag and drop emails into events or tasks
  179. Cannot move my e-mails
  180. Using full feature office application in documents
  181. Proxy Settings for Zimbra Desktop in Linux
  182. [SOLVED] Zimbra Desktop setting up pop account problem
  183. Wrong Installation Folder
  184. Sync Problem
  185. Installation on more than one computer
  186. Please Help with Screenshot Paste!
  187. Filters not working - how can I debug?
  188. Desktop RC2 Out!
  189. [SOLVED] Retrieve Mails in crashed Desktop
  190. ZCS Desktop (Tasks Issue)
  191. Comments and suggestions for YZD
  192. Network Starter Edition questions
  193. [SOLVED] today's update in beta of ZD, now won't start
  194. Mail Notification In Linux
  195. Two Zimbra Accounts?
  196. Gmail IMAP not deleting from server
  197. rc2 issue
  198. Updating Zimbra Desktop caused problem with jdk1.6.0_10\jre\bin\jvm.dll
  199. Migrating my mails from Microsoft Outlook 2003 to Zimbra
  200. gmail pop access suddenly failing?
  201. Disappointment with RC2 as well!
  202. [SOLVED] Zimbra Desktop - how to disable upgrade?
  203. Calendar and Contacts dont seem to sync
  204. Copy or Batch Forward email messages between two accounts within Zimbra Desktop
  205. Creating corporate disclaimer message for all outbound mails
  206. Calendars, Tasks and Reminders... ???
  207. ZDesktop 1513 Still not handling URLs on mouseover
  208. [SOLVED] Is my server being used by others as a relay server?????
  209. When is IM coming to Zimbra Desktop?
  210. Return receipt ?
  211. zdesktop.exe still running after quitting
  212. Importing from zimbra desktop to zimbra server
  213. can't see quota in Zimbra Desktop
  214. Localized Versions - German
  215. Sync with Comcast.net webmail?
  216. Wrong date on Import/Export
  217. AOL Calendar and Contacts
  218. Disable Auto Log-in
  219. My zimbra font is too tiny
  220. StickyNotes Zimlet with ZD
  221. Can I use my choice of Browser?
  222. external IMAP account messing up ZD
  223. [SOLVED] Sending mail to yahoo gets dropped/blocked
  224. What if the server dies?
  225. Edit Profile Button
  226. [SOLVED] ZD failed start due to recent Windows Defender update messed up hosts file
  227. work between zimbra/OSX/mobile using zsc 5.0 OS
  228. Beta Zimbra Desktop Spam Filter??
  229. Migrating from MSOutlook...
  230. NTLM authentication
  231. Full email headers
  232. Is there a way in the GUI to stop the sync process?
  233. Network backups and local store
  234. subject is corrupted
  235. Mail not delivered
  236. advise for desktop edition...
  237. [SOLVED] Messages stored in two locations?
  238. Minimum System Config
  239. Feature Request: Archive all mail from Inbox to Local Folder
  240. [SOLVED] GAL not syncing all entries
  241. More tag color?
  242. Tool tabs displayed even when disabled
  243. [SOLVED] ZD Window stuck maximized, no titlebar
  244. Bug: Cannot create a mail with a alias from, main email account override it
  245. Sent Mail
  246. autostart on linux
  247. Helper application on file type
  248. Synch issue
  249. Synch issue
  250. [newbie] j2me