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  1. ZD does not show Appointment request buttons (Accept, Tentative, Decline)
  2. [SOLVED] recreate desktop icon in Linux
  3. child accounts in zimbra desktop
  4. No puedo recivir emails
  5. Zimbra Desktop and Windows 7?
  6. Yahoo Calendars
  7. Error Message when syncing Yahoo (old) Calendar!
  8. zdesktop.exe/zdclient.exe don't quit upon exit and halt shutdown on XP
  9. Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
  10. No Active Hyperlinks in Texts
  11. Delete all the contacts
  12. Synch on exit not happening...?
  13. Transfer Thunderbird emails to Zimbra
  14. annoying left side banner behavior, is there a way to improve?
  15. Copy and Paste
  16. Import and export filters. Is it possible?
  17. Options don't appear to be being saved
  18. zd 1.0.3 sometimes doesnt update mail status flags
  19. not permiting export
  20. exporting calendars
  21. Zimbra/Prism
  22. Exporting local mail out of Zimbra Desktop for use in another app
  23. Calendar notes not showing
  24. Migration from standalone Outlook
  25. ZDC - Default download location
  26. error linking yahoo account
  27. ZD Not seeing all invites or syncing appointments
  28. Server Appears to be Busy, Try again later?
  29. Can I Print address book to 3 ring binder?
  30. Zimbra Desktop and Sorting
  31. Attachments
  32. How to import e-mails from Kmail into Zimbra?
  33. Time Zone Problem with Zimbra Desktop
  34. I can't understand this error
  35. error when adding new account
  36. free/busy shared calendar view?
  37. Users missing in GAL?
  38. Mail that doesnt go where it should...
  39. changing my brinkster mail password
  40. Right-click menu
  41. message stuck in outbox
  42. ONE email address, multiple users
  43. active links
  44. Problem with search function
  45. Avoiding sync for spam
  46. [SOLVED] Sync POP account to GMAIL?
  47. Make forms like outlook
  48. Opening browser windows / Context menu
  49. Reindex an account
  50. User can receive but not send
  51. Syncing Calendar & Contacts
  52. Zdesktop VS yahoo! calendar sync issue ...
  53. ZD usage in lan and mobile networks
  54. Is anyone doing support here anymore?
  55. Contact List
  56. Zimbra Calendar
  57. Is is possible to edit Subject field text?
  58. [SOLVED] RSS Reader in ZImbra?
  59. Local Folder Missing
  60. Installation with no admin access
  61. GoogleEmailUploader: How long for Sync?
  62. Failure to get messages from the account
  63. Possible to Disable Calendar Tab?
  64. SSL connection failure. Please check host and port settings.
  65. [ERROR] Zimbra Loading
  66. Program Associate in Windows 7
  67. Zimbra Desktop using 5.x UI?
  68. [SOLVED] Junk Emails
  69. Filters
  70. Can not sync the folders
  71. Issue with sync email in browser and zimbra desktop
  72. Zimbra Desktop import mail from previous installation
  73. Incorrect MIME-Types when uploading files through Zimbra Desktop
  74. including a text file within the body of an e-mail
  75. Blackberry and Zimbra sync question
  76. LDAP and other questions about zimlets/Calendars
  77. [SOLVED] Using the Drafts Folder
  78. In addition to LDAP - Also PGP, Print Views, IM, message view and more..
  79. Sync Zimba tasks with yahoo
  80. How to restore the local folders that no export to tgz format
  81. how to make local folders
  82. Desktop UI loading problem
  83. How do I force all caledar events to appear in Zimbra desktop?
  84. Issue with emails grouping together for no reason?
  85. Video files wont play using zimbra
  86. Biz mail Cal syn/live mail/Uverse accounts
  87. Desktop never starts - 3 red symbols forever
  88. Connect open office with Zimbra
  89. Zimbra browser windows
  90. Hotmail deletions
  91. Sync Error with Gmail
  92. Zimbra Freezing
  93. Attachment Download Feedback & Issue
  94. Change default spam folder
  95. Set upp the same email address to two diffrent servers
  96. Address book / GAL
  97. Can't connect to hotmail plus
  98. Interested to know more
  99. scanning from viruses
  100. Connection closed message when checking mail
  101. Zimbra Desktop website
  102. Unable to export contacts to Outlook 2007
  103. can I forward only inbox?
  104. Zimlet deployment failure
  105. ZD popping to the front when new mail arrives
  106. Zimbra Desktop Search Results
  107. Signature problem
  108. reply all instead of cc
  109. Force ask for password
  110. Exporting a PGP message to eml/msg?
  111. POP3 account
  112. Can't do anything in Zimbra
  113. Emails not in HTML
  114. mail font change?
  115. Syncing GMail with Yahoo
  116. Appointment accidentally deleted
  117. Share-Synchronisation intervall
  118. [SOLVED] Zimbra Desktop 2.0 feature wishlist
  119. [SOLVED] Yahoo email not syncing
  120. Mix of English and German language
  121. Sending Mail Issues
  122. Zimbra service marked as virus infected by AVG
  123. address import and lookup issues
  124. global send/receive all for all imap/pop accts
  125. Parsing Errors
  126. Import .PST file into Zimbra Desktop (no server)
  127. How to change zimbraMailSignatureMaxLength in ZDesktop
  128. [SOLVED] lost connection after DATA (74 bytes) from cp.cyberwebhotels.com[206.51.238.
  129. Zimbra Desktop beta
  130. Desktop Calendar sync issue with google
  131. Outgoing Filters
  132. Microsoft Autocorrect
  133. Some gmail accounts do not synch contacts
  134. gmail contact name format vs zd name format
  135. Any way to tell ZD which monitor to open on?
  136. How do I get the latest version of ZD?
  137. Zimbra Desktop Calendar won't sync
  138. Zimbra isn't default email client with windows 7?
  139. [SOLVED] ZD 2.0 beta 1
  140. Documents Folder
  141. Emailed Contacts
  142. Zimbra Desktop 2 compatibility with ZCS server 5.x
  143. Yahoo Zimbra Desktop - How find version no?
  144. Auto picking up of attachments and sending the attachment to a specific email ID
  145. Public Calendar Events Not Showing Up
  146. Zimbra Calendar Issues
  147. System failure during Sync
  148. How to add content to schedule status?!
  149. Zimbra Mail Client : Address Auto Completion Using Local Address Book
  150. Layered Attachments
  151. Proxy settings for Zimbra Desktop
  152. BY Yahoo Calendar (New) - UK User
  153. Zimbra Desktop Client always in offline mode?
  154. When sendin to a List, how to ONLY receive one message from Undelivered accounts
  155. Desktop English version shows Non-english letter
  156. Gmail issue HTTPS
  157. [SOLVED] ZD 1.03: Options | Preferences not accessable correctly
  158. Is Zdesktop 2.0 Beta aailable for download ?
  159. Saving with attachment
  160. Stopped synching w/ Yahoo
  161. [SOLVED] How to create a signature in ZD per account
  162. URL to use to connect to ZD
  163. How do I change the max signature length limit in ZD?
  164. SBCGLOBAL.net account trying to use gmail calendar
  165. CANNOT see images
  166. Cannot connect to "mail.xxxxxxxxx.com:110". Please check host/port and network connec
  167. Will VMWare Zimbra sync with free yahoo! mail
  168. Hide "Documents" folder
  169. Will betas be public?
  170. Manually Sync Briefcase
  171. [SOLVED] Printing Zimbra Calender items.
  172. possible to change local folder location
  173. Zimbra Desktop not syncing with Zimbra Server OSE
  174. Gmail Sent folder - no To field
  175. Export from Zimbra to new mail client
  176. choose account to send with
  177. [SOLVED] All messages stuck in outbox
  178. Gmail Help
  179. Zimlet in Zdesktop
  180. [SOLVED] how to upload multiple files and folder structure ?
  181. Migration from Entourage to Zimbra
  182. outgoing mail sitting in outbox but not being sent
  183. Trouble setting up new POP account
  184. Disable Click and Add
  185. [SOLVED] A sort by From would be nice
  186. Gmail : SSL connection failure
  187. Dates wrong on imported POP3 emails
  188. Need help with error
  189. Reminder more than 18 Hours
  190. Restoring backup problem on clean install
  191. cannot send from desktop - hotmail
  192. SSL connection failure. Please check host and port settings.
  193. Destop Edition VERY Slow
  194. Cant tab in email message
  195. An unknown error (mail.NO_SUCH_BLOB) has occurred
  196. Global Index
  197. Print Month View of Calendar in Landscape?
  198. Auto Complete with shared Address Book
  199. Turkish support?
  200. POP3 read message flag
  201. Zimbra and Yahoo Error?
  202. Gryph Mail
  203. German GMAIL and ZD2 beta1
  204. connect error
  205. Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta1
  206. Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta Shared Folder issues
  207. Upgrading from v1 to v2
  208. ZD 1.0.4 build 1833
  209. Use of tabs in Zimbra Desktop 2
  210. ZD2 and Proxy
  211. Deploying Zimlets in ZD2 Beta1
  212. [SOLVED] ZD 1.0.x and ZD 2.0 beta 1 couldn't view and search GAL
  213. Zimbra desktop with managed clients
  214. ZD 2.0 beta 1 uninstall
  215. zimbra opening IE, not default browser
  216. Option to save or not save messages being sent
  217. Shared Folders / Calendars offline?
  218. ZD 2.0b1 : cannot start
  219. [SOLVED] Reason for the increase in the package size?
  220. anyone having trouble with google apps on ZD 2 beta?
  221. [ZD 2 beta] Sent and Draft folders are gone?
  222. [SOLVED] Social Zimlet on Zimbra Desktop
  223. How to redirect ZD 2 user data from C:...\Local Settings\Application Data\
  224. IP Port used for Downloading Yahoo Mail
  225. ZD 2 beta on Win 7 no google calendar data
  226. google contact groups in Zimbra desktop
  227. desktop intergration with Comcast smartzone
  228. How to back up email
  229. Inline images ZD V2 Beta
  230. Exchange IMAP not working anymore since 2 beta1
  231. POP3 server does not support leaving messages on server (UIDL support required)
  232. mailto links not working in ZDesktop 2.0 Beta 1
  233. Drag n' Drop File Attachments Issue
  234. Howto import or Setup Canadian statutory holidays Globally
  235. Zimbra Desktop 2.0 and Exchange free/busy
  236. Google contacts sync issue with birthday
  237. ZD2 Error
  238. [SOLVED] "Unauthorized Access" when starting zdesktop 2.0beta1 on Ubuntu Li
  239. Zimbra Causing Keyboard Problems
  240. Problem with background service
  241. Sync Zimbra to Google
  242. [ZD 2 Beta, Win7] How does ZD 2 beta update itself?
  243. 2 suggestions
  244. Editing or Changing the "Account Name"
  245. Malware error ?
  246. Synchronisation Of Tags,zimlets, Documents, Calender Etc
  247. Draft folder not syncing in Zimbra Desktop
  248. CSV contact import - destination folder greyed out
  249. Multiple Accounts / Mailboxes per User
  250. [SOLVED] Lycos mail powered by Zimbra