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  2. Initial Zimbra User Meeting in Indonesia
  3. [SOLVED] 6.0 GA today?
  4. Zimbra community event in France
  5. Zimbra/eNovance ŕ l'OpenWorldForum 01 et 02 Octobre 2009
  6. Zimbra 6 vs. Gmail and Google Docs
  7. UK Partner Programme Launch with In-Tuition Networks
  8. China Zimbra Community Now Launched!
  9. Put your Zimbra in a Costume
  10. Zimbra Grows in EDU, Heads to EDUCAUSE 2009
  11. Open Enrollment: Zimlet Development Courses 2010 (First Feb 23rd)
  12. Zimbra Community Meet-up in Paris
  13. TurnKey Linux release free Zimbra appliance that is easy to use and lightweight
  14. Zimbra Mirror in Indonesia
  15. Just Put a Zimbra iPhone App in My Stocking
  16. Opening Up Microsoft Outlook to an Open Source and Standards Based Ecosystem
  17. New Zimlet Development Documentation Available!
  18. Zimbra to Join VMware: 2010 Will Accelerate Growth
  19. Using the Zimlet Development Directory for Iterative Development
  20. Adding Tab Applications to the Zimbra Web Client
  21. Revisiting the Zimbra REST API…
  22. Zimbra Transition to VMware is Complete
  23. Using Templates to Simplify HTML and Zimlets
  24. Nordic Service Provider TDC Deploys Zimbra on VMware
  25. Zimbra Hiring in a BIG Way
  26. Zimbra Community Meetup in Jakarta-Indonesia
  27. Extending Zimbra with Server Extensions
  28. Zimbra TCO Bests Microsoft Exchange in University of Pennsylvania Case Study
  29. Test Zimbra in OVF / VMX Format in VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace
  30. New Gallery Launches for Sharing Zimbra Extensions
  31. Zimbra Roadmap and VMware Integration Webinar Plus Q&A
  32. Using SAML Assertions to Access Zimbra
  33. 6.0.7 Status
  34. Easily schedule, start or join WebEx meetings with the WebEx Zimlet!
  35. Easily schedule, start or join WebEx meetings with the WebEx Zimlet!
  36. Email Templates Zimlet – Allows users to quickly insert any earlier emails as templat
  37. Appointment Summary Zimlet – Know what your Calendar looks like for the day
  38. Use the Sticky Notes Zimlet to make quick notes about an email
  39. Telenet Launches Zimbra For More Than 1.3 Million Customers
  40. Zimlets Go Back to School – Part 4: Q&A with Simon Fraser University
  41. Zimbra Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 6.0 launches…and more!
  42. Visit Zimbra at this year’s VMworld
  43. Zimbra Appliance: Your Collaboration Cloud To Deploy Anywhere
  44. Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta 4 is now available!
  45. Join The Zimbra Advisory Meeting at VMworld
  46. Zimbra to Launch Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0!
  47. Zimbra Integrates with Smartsheet
  48. Drag and Drop Zimlet: Uses HTML5 to help you easily attach files to your emails
  49. Visit Zimbra at this year’s Open World Forum in Paris
  50. You’re Invited: Zimbra Customer Advisory Meeting and Customer Appreciation Dinner at
  51. [SOLVED] Seeking a success story for Desktop 2.0
  52. Announcing the General Availability of Zimbra Desktop 2.0
  53. Fall 2010 Training
  54. Zimbra Appliance Now Includes Embedded vFabric Hyperic Performance Monitoring Technol
  55. Belgium’s Largest Telco Launches Zimbra Appliance
  56. New SugarCRM Extension in Zimbra Gallery
  57. Zimbra vs Google Apps Webinar and More
  58. Share More, Send Less with Zimbra 7
  59. Join VMware Zimbra in Hannover, Germany at CeBIT
  60. Finnish translations
  61. VMware Zimbra Enterprise Messaging Embraces NetApp NFS
  62. VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.1 is Released
  63. Status of ZCS 7.1
  64. MagicSpam for Zimbra released
  65. Looking for a list of companies.
  66. Hosted Zimbra Service
  67. Visit Zimbra at VMworld 2011
  68. VMworld Technology Preview: Project Octopus
  69. FOSS border system for Zimbra - mxHero
  70. VMware Zimbra Enhances Enterprise Security with Proofpoint Integration
  71. Join VMware Zimbra in Philadelphia, PA at EDUCAUSE 2011
  72. Smartsheet Adoption On the Rise – Check It Out
  73. Webinar Reminders: Collaboration & Virtualization
  74. Top 10 Reasons to Virtualize Zimbra on vSphere – Live Webinar 2/29
  75. End-of-life for Zimbra 5
  76. Zimbra going crazy?
  77. Anticipated Release of 7.2 in April 2012
  78. Zimbra joins VMware Forum 2012
  79. Announcing the Release of VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.2
  80. mxHero: Showcasing the Benefits of an Open Platform & Bringing Custom Innovation to E
  81. Zimbra 8 Release Date
  82. Forum Update Feedback
  83. VMware’s Path To Cloud Messaging & Collaboration – Introducing Zimbra 8
  84. ZWS 7.0 Patch
  85. It’s VMworld 2012 Time.
  86. August Webinar: Zimbra vs. The World
  87. Zimbra Wiki locked?
  88. Reduce Your Email TCO by 325%
  89. Announcing The General Availability of Zimbra 8
  90. Simple Domain Administrators for zcs foss edition.
  91. Can we still contribute wiki pages to Zimbra Wiki?
  92. Java exploit reported today
  93. What's up with forum notification delays ?
  94. OpenID Vulnerability Alert
  95. What things I would love to see in this community
  96. Great spanish blog, now being translated
  97. Announcing: Zimbra 8 Advanced Admin Training in London 28th April