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  1. Please give us feedback on this Android app!
  2. Awesome App
  3. Problems uninstalling
  4. Bug ?
  5. Prob connecting to Exchange 2010
  6. calendar widget
  7. AT&T users
  8. Create Contact From mail
  9. Initial Impressesions
  10. Screen lock
  11. junk/not junk button?
  12. Sync frequency - Scheduling
  13. Need ability to sync more than one calendar
  14. Why not just focus on native apps?
  15. "Process com.android.exchange" crashes
  16. A few Thing
  17. Laundry list of general feedback and suggestions
  18. Just found this. Looks good, but no calendar and contact sync? Really?
  19. Contacts Issues and Suggestions
  20. Status Update?
  21. Problems with receiving mails on Samsung S2
  22. Device heating up when not set to sync
  23. Droid Incredible 2 deleted all events in Zimbra calendar
  24. Samsung Galaxy S2 displays e-mail header too, when accessing mail via activesync
  25. Couple questions
  26. ActiveSync
  27. VZA does not accept commercial certs?
  28. where can i download VZA?
  29. Unable to open connection to server
  30. Updates?
  31. Ice Cream Sandwich
  32. Is the Zimbra app for Android supposed to integrate with the OS?
  33. Need ability to select account alias on send
  34. Fail to send Mails from Samsung Galaxy Note
  35. Blank Messages on HTC Desire
  36. Abandoned?
  37. VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA)
  38. Email content replied from Samsung phones are empty or crop off
  39. Email was trimmed in Android 4.x when reply email
  40. New Android App for Zimbra! VMWare Horizon Mail
  41. VMWare Horizon mail
  42. Android Mobile set up
  43. Cannot sync with HTC One X