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Thread: iSync connector duplicates contacts

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    Default iSync connector duplicates contacts

    I've got some people who are in the GAL (and therefore not in my address book) entered in my address book because I have their mobile/personal numbers. Example: joe smith ( is in my address book, but no email is listed, just his phone number.

    After I email him (lookup is done in the GAL) his GAL contact (e-mail address only) shows up in "Emailed Contacts" on the address book tab.

    When I use the iSync connector to sync, he shows up twice in Address Book -- one with just the phone number (from my zimbra address book) and once with just his email (from "Emailed Contacts").

    Is this normal / by design? If "Emailed Contacts" is just a dynamic list of recently emailed persons, I'd think it should be ignored by the iSync tool, no?

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    I believe later versions of the iSync connector allows you to NOT sync Emailed Contacts ... i didn't particularly like that it synced those either.

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