Ok, I have a weird one here. I imported a list into a new address book in Zimbra's web client that I share. It added about 7500 contacts. I had the data formatted wrong so I deleted it. My mac suddenly started saying it was changing over 5% of my contacts would I like to continue. So I said no. This never went away. So I backed up my address book, said yes and then deleted my address book that had added the 7500 names. I then restored my address book to the original and thought everything was good to go.

Then my phone died (Treo 650), so I bought a iPhone. When I synced this new phone all 7500+ contacts showed up on it. Strangely, they still do not show up in my address book on my Mac. How can I get them out of my iPhone and reset the sync services data? (I think that is where it must reside. The contacts are not in my Zimbra account either. Where are they?