ZCS and the web interface seem to store contacts email addresses as 'email', 'email 2' and 'email 3'. Address book keeps an order, but allows the user to change the usage of the email address. For me, the default looks to be work, home, other.

I think there is a problem with how the iSync connector relates the two systems. However I can no find any forum post or bug about it. Before I create a bug, I would like some outside collaboration of what I am seeing.


Some of our users use both Mac w/ iSync, and the web interface, depending on their needs at the time. Mostly because of the improved calendaring in the web interface. One such user reports the calendar pages of the web interface keeps trying to change email addresses to "home" email accounts.

From what I am seeing, the iSync connector maps the email addresses as such.
  • Email <-> Home
  • Email 2 <-> Work
  • Email 3 <-> Other

For people that switch back and forth, this causes some issues. Do other people see this behavior, or do I have something mis-configured?